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Balls, also known as VRPs (Virtual Ricochet Projectiles), are ranged weapons used in CrossCode. Throwing these VRPs is one of the four basic combat actions, along with Melee, Guarding, and Dashing. They can be immediately thrown one after another for a consistent barrage, or held to charge up. Charged balls ricochet off of walls, do more damage per hit, and inflict Status Conditions. Charged balls also break certain monsters. VRPs are affected by elements, just like melee.

VRPs in Puzzles

VRPs, especially charged ones, are the main tool to solve puzzles in CrossCode. They are used to activate switches, solve ball puzzles, launch keys into locks, bounce bombs and knock back bubbles. There are also ball changers, which change the way a ball behaves; they can turn a ball into a certain element, change its direction or slow it down.

Combat Arts

Throw Combat Arts can be executed by charging while aiming.


In the first versions of CrossCode the character used to stop walking while aiming a ball. For testing Lachsen removed that and found out that it was far smoother to play the game without stopping.