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There are several Bosses that can be fought in CrossCode. They are distinguished from regular Monsters, the more powerful of which might be considered minibosses, by having a large HP bar that fills the width of the screen. They are typically much larger than regular Monsters, and are often fought alone in dedicated arenas.

HP Breaks

HP Breaks are a special game mechanic associated with bosses in CrossCode. A boss's HP bar is noticeably divided into sections, usually two to three. Whenever a section is depleted, Lea regains some health. Additionally, these segments often signal a change in the boss's attack patterns.

List of Bosses

Main Story Bosses

Sidequest Bosses

DLC Story Bosses

These bosses require the A New Home DLC.

DLC Sidequest Bosses

These bosses require the A New Home DLC.

Removed Bosses

One boss was included in early versions of the game as an additional challenge, but was later removed because it couldn't be integrated with the plot.

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