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The action-combat-system in CrossCode is fast-paced and diverse.

Aspects of Combat

Combat Actions

There are four basic actions that are used in combat:

  • Balls for ranged attacks
  • Melee to bash nearby enemies
  • Dashing to quickly dodge attacks
  • Guarding to block attacks that are too fast to dodge

Any one of these can be augmented through the use of Combat Arts, which are powerful special abilities cast using Special Points.

Element Modes

Switching Element Modes gives the player a number of Stat and resistance modifiers and elemental attacks, as well as granting access to the Circuits and Combat Arts unlocked on that element's Circuit Tree, often providing a substantial advantage in combat.

Combat Rank

The maximum Combat Rank

Defeating enemies fills the Combat Rank bar at the upper right of the screen. When this is filled, your Combat Rank increases by one, beginning at D and progressing to C, B, A and finally S. When there are no aggressive enemies left in the area, there is a period of approximately five seconds before combat ends, during which time attacking another enemy will allow you to maintain your Combat Rank. Trying to open the Menu will skip this period and immediately end combat. In some cases, such as during the Enemy Rush challenge, combat will be permanently active even without any aggressive enemies being present.

Normally, the only effect of Combat Rank is that it increases the chance of enemy drops, with some drops only able to be found at high combat rank. S rank causes the music to change and for particle effects to appear onscreen for the duration of it. Enemies also respawn much faster, allowing players to maintain their rank much more easily. Ideas have been mentioned that a high Combat Rank could make enemies more difficult, or that Combat Rank could decrease slowly over time to discourage avoiding enemies for extended periods of time to regenerate health, but these have not yet been implemented.


A standard health pickup

While Lea quickly regenerates health outside of combat, regaining health during combat is more difficult. The primary method is by eating Sandwiches using the Quickmenu. It is also possible to equip Circuits and Equipment that offer HP regeneration. In addition, some enemies, particularly those intended for training purposes, may drop health pickups when defeated.