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Faj'ro Temple

The Faj'ro Temple, also known as the Hourglass or the Heat Dungeon, is a location in CrossWorlds, and the third dungeon encountered during the game. This is where Seekers obtain the Cold element, as well as the White Key.pngWhite Key, allowing them to open Silver Chests.

Faj'ro Temple

This temple stands in a large ravine right before Ba'kii Kum and is the second challenge a Seeker can acquire the second element: Cold.

To enter the dungeon, however, a Seeker must visit Ba'kii Kum, home to the Shad. Only there can they find the key to gain access to the temple.

Its unique shape granted it the nickname: Hourglass. Steam-powered furnaces, water blocks, and poles that can hold elemental charges are what Seekers must use to overcome the puzzles inside.

In contrast to the infested Temple Mine, Faj'ro Temple is home to moths, floating jellyfish, and fierce Golems.

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Faj'ro Temple is shaped like an hourglass. It has five floors, with the middle one being the smallest, consisting of only a single room. The path through the temple is described here:

Lea enters the temple, arriving at Balance Room 1. From here, she must pass through the Left Chambers, obtaining a key to unlock the West Ground Floor path to Balance Room 2. Here, Lea must collect three keys: one in each of the Tests of Memory, and one in the East Ground Floor path that loops back to Balance Room 1. Two of these keys are used to unlock the paths leaving the upper floor of Balance Room 2. These both lead to high ledges in Balance Room 1, and reaching both of these will allow Lea to unlock the path onward, which also requires the third key. From here, Lea will fight the midboss in the Sand Terror room and obtain the Cold element on the small Floor 2.

On reaching Floor 3, the only open path leads west to the Test of Strength. Lea must then travel through Floor 4's west pathway, the Large Fire Chamber on floor 3 (where the White Key.pngWhite Key is found) and Floor 4's east pathway to reach the east rooms on Floor 3, which contain a key. Four side rooms along this path offer four additional keys, and all five keys are required to unlock the final puzzle in the South Corridor. Lea must then fight through the Chamber of Prosperity to obtain the Faj'ro Master Key.pngFaj'ro Master Key and unlock the boss room.

Connecting Regions

The only connected location is Maroon Valley via doors in Entry Test, Chamber of Ice and Blazing Lair.


The room map of Faj'ro Temple is somewhat confusing, due to the presence of many rooms with identical or similar names.

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Rooms of Faj'ro Temple
# Area Name Floor
1 Entry Test GF
2 Balance Room 1 GF, 1F
3 Left Chamber 1 (GF) GF
4 Left Chamber 2 GF
5 Test of Tri GF
6 Fire and Sand 1 GF
7 Fire and Sand 2 GF
8 Test of Fire GF
9 Balance Room 2 (GF) GF
10 Balance Room 2 (1F) 1F
11 Test of Memory 2 GF
12 Test of Memory 1 GF
13 Right Chamber 1 (GF) GF
14 Test of Vigor GF
15 Right Chamber 2 GF
16 Left Chamber 1 (1F) 1F
17 Right Chamber 1 (1F) 1F
18 Test of Distraction 1F
19 Sand Terror 1F
20 Chamber of Ice 2F
21 Gateway 3F, 4F
22 Bottom Chamber 3F
23 Left Chamber 3F
24 Test of Strength 3F
25 West Corridor 4F
26 West Pathway 4F
27 Test of Surpise 4F
28 Test of Endurance 4F
29 West Chamber 1 4F
30 West Chamber 2 4F
31 Large Fire Chamber 3F
32 East Chamber 2 4F
33 Test of Focus 4F
34 East Chamber 1 4F
35 East Pathway 4F
36 Test of Memory 4F
37 East Corridor 4F
38 Right Chamber 3F
39 Test of Wisdom 3F
40 South Corridor 4F
41 Chamber of Prosperity 4F
42 Blazing Lair 4F


Click the map for a full-resolution image.
Acc. Type Contains Location Info
1 Treasure-key.png Key 1 × Faj'ro Key.pngFaj'ro Key Left Chamber 1 (GF)
2 Treasure-default.png Normal 3 × Jelly Extract.pngJelly Extract Fire and Sand 2
3 Treasure-default.png Normal 4 × Vanilla Ice Cream.pngVanilla Ice Cream Balance Room 2 (GF)
4 Treasure-default.png Normal 3 × Crystal Water.pngCrystal Water Balance Room 2 (GF)
5 Treasure-key.png Key 1 × Faj'ro Key.pngFaj'ro Key Test of Memory 1 Defeat the enemies
6 Treasure-key.png Key 1 × Faj'ro Key.pngFaj'ro Key Test of Memory 2 Defeat the enemies
7 Treasure-default.png Normal 5 × Chef Sandwich.pngChef Sandwich Right Chamber 1 (GF)
8 Treasure-key.png Key 1 × Faj'ro Key.pngFaj'ro Key Right Chamber 2
9 Treasure-default.png Normal 4 × Butter Silk.pngButter Silk Right Chamber 1 (1F)
10 Treasure-default.png Normal 2 × Magma Residue.pngMagma Residue Bottom Chamber
11 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 × Laser Eyes.pngLaser Eyes West Pathway
12 Treasure-key.png Key 1 × Faj'ro Key.pngFaj'ro Key Test of Surpise Defeat the enemies
13 Treasure-key.png Key 1 × Faj'ro Key.pngFaj'ro Key West Chamber 1
14 Treasure-bronze.png Bronze 1 × White Key.pngWhite Key Large Fire Chamber
15 Treasure-silver.png Silver 2 × Precious Metal.pngPrecious Metal Large Fire Chamber White Key.pngWhite Key needed to open this chest
16 Treasure-key.png Key 1 × Faj'ro Key.pngFaj'ro Key East Chamber 1
17 Treasure-silver.png Silver 1 × LV35Dented Crown.pngDented Crown East Pathway Solve the Puzzle (bottom) with the Heat Element
18 Treasure-key.png Key 1 × Faj'ro Key.pngFaj'ro Key Test of Memory Defeat the enemies
19 Treasure-key.png Key 1 × Faj'ro Key.pngFaj'ro Key Test of Wisdom Defeat the enemies
20 Treasure-masterkey.png Master Key 1 × Faj'ro Master Key.pngFaj'ro Master Key Chamber of Prosperity Defeat the enemies


Enemies of Sapphire Ridge
Name Sprite Drops Locations
Boss Pincer
Poison Stinger.pngPoison Stinger[1] Test of Memory
Dry Fin.pngDry Fin[1] Test of Memory 1
Squishy Teeth.pngSquishy Teeth[1] Test of Memory 2
Jelly Extract.pngJelly Extract, Citrine.pngCitrine[2] Test of Tri, Test of Vigor, Left Chamber 1 (1F), Sand Terror[3], Test of Surprise, Large Fire Chamber, Test of Wisdom
Pada Moth
Butter Silk.pngButter Silk, Citrine.pngCitrine[2] Test of Fire, Test of Distraction, Test of Surprise, Test of Endurance, Test of Focus, Chamber of Prosperity
Darth Moth
Laser Eyes.pngLaser Eyes, Butter Silk.pngButter Silk, Citrine.pngCitrine[2] Test of Focus, Chamber of Prosperity
Magma Residue.pngMagma Residue, Citrine.pngCitrine[2] Test of Strength, Large Fire Chamber, Test of Wisdom
Pinzo'jrahrrrn (boss)
Squishy Teeth.pngSquishy Teeth Sand Terror[3]
Master Magmoth (boss)
None Blazing Lair[3]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Additional drops not obtainable due to combat rank being disabled in dungeons
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 With Valley Booster.pngValley Booster enabled
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Does not respawn

Role in the Plot

In CrossWorlds

The Faj'ro Temple is the second dungeon on the Track of the Ancients. Seekers must travel here to unlock the Cold element, as well as collect the Red Flame Shade.pngRed Flame Shade, which allows them to travel north from Rookie Harbor and reach the later stages of the Track. For completing the Temple, Seekers are rewarded by E'nel, who extends their SP bar to 8 SP points. The Trackwalker General gives them an additional reward of a Circuit Override.pngCircuit Override.

In CrossCode

After dueling Apollo on the steps of the dungeon, Lea races through the Faj'ro Temple with Emilie and C'tron. C'tron will always be first reaching the balcony halfway up the dungeon, with Lea beating Emilie if she takes less than 60 minutes to get there; the dungeon race timer is reset at the balcony, so the first half of the dungeon has no effect on the final result. For the second half of the dungeon, Lea must reach the end in 50 minutes to beat Emilie, and C'tron will always be last. After reaching the top of the dungeon, the three visit the heritage site and have a conversation about Lea's speech module issues, after which they all log out.


Main article: Trophies
That's really Low Key
The White Key.pngWhite Key is located in Large Fire Chamber on floor 3F; see #Chests.
Feeling Ice-solated
Obtain the Cold element in Chamber of Ice on floor 2F, after defeating Pinzo'jrahrrrn.
Kill it with Fire!
Defeat Master Magmoth at the end of the temple in Blazing Lair on floor 4F.
Faj'ro Scavenger
Obtain all chests in Faj'ro Temple; see #Chests.
At the Speed of Sound
Complete the upper half of the temple from the balcony onwards within 50 minutes in order to win the race against Emilie.