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Melee, also known as VPI (Virtual Proximity Impact), is a close-combat technique that is used in CrossCode. Along with Balls, Guarding and Dashing, it is one of the four basic Combat techniques. It has short range, and is affected by elements just like balls, but can damage multiple enemies close together. Sergey unlocks the ability to use Melee during the training course on the M.S. Solar.

VPI Combo

A standard VPI attack consists of three quick directional swings, followed by a finishing spin. The spin hits enemies in all directions, and may disrupt some attacks, but it has a substantially longer recovery than the normal swings.

The VPI attacks generally deal higher damage than balls, but the close proximity needed to connect with them puts the player at greater risk of enemy retaliation. Their short range also greatly limits their usefulness in puzzle situations.

Combat Arts

Melee Combat Arts can be executed simply by charging up and releasing, and don't require use of any other keys.