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In CrossWorlds, various stats affect the performance of a Seeker in combat. Within the game, stats are categorized into parameters, which directly affect combat, and modifiers, which affect more specific conditions and actions.

The value of a stat can be changed through either leveling up, using equipment, or activating circuits and switching between element modes. While in a elemental mode besides Neutral, 50% of Neutral circuit effects is combined with the current element's effects, leading elemental modes to generally be more powerful than Neutral mode. In addition, most consumables provide temporary buffs that affect stats during combat.

The average core stats used to balance the enemies can be found in this document.


These stats exist at all times during the game and are the most crucial for improving combat performance. The first four generally increase throughout the game via leveling up, obtaining better equipment, activating circuits, and eating consumables. The second four may increase or decrease depending on equipment, circuits, and consumables.

HP-Icon.png Max HP

Maximum amount of Health Points. Determines the damage you can survive and the efficiency of regeneration.
  • Abbrieviated as MAXHP.
  • Any change affects your current HP by the same amount.

Atk-Icon.png Attack

Increases the damage of your attacks. The higher the number, the more damage can be inflicted.
  • Abbrieviated as ATK.
  • Excludes non-attack damage such as % health damage and Pin Body.

Def-Icon.png Defense

Reduces the damage you take from hostile attacks and increases the power of your shield.
  • Abbrieviated as DEF.
  • Improves both your shield's effectiveness and durability before breaking.

Foc-Icon.png Focus

Determines the probability of critical hits, your SP gain, status conditions rate and invincibility while dashing.
  • Abbreviated as FOC.
Affects a bunch of "extra" stuff, each compared against the Focus of the enemy in question:
  • Increases chance of landing and decreases chance of receiving critical hits
  • Increases speed of inflicting and decreases speed of receiving status conditions
  • Extends duration of invincibility at the start of each dash
  • Improves all types of SP gain

Icon-Resist-Heat.png Heat Resistance

Resistance against the heat element. The higher the number the less damage you take from heat attacks.

Icon-Resist-Cold.png Cold Resistance

Resistance against the cold element. The higher the number the less damage you take from cold attacks.

Icon-Resist-Shock.png Shock Resistance

Resistance against the shock element. The higher the number the less damage you take from shock attacks.

Icon-Resist-Wave.png Wave Resistance

Resistance against the wave element. The higher the number the less damage you take from wave attacks.


For the most part the effects of these stats apply to specific actions and conditions. They come and go based on equipment, circuits, and a handful of consumables, and may increase or decrease to achieve an intended overall effect.

Icon-Modifier-Appetite.png Appetite

Increases numbers of available buff slots. Every step of 100 unlocks another one.
Even though you can get this modifier from Neutral mode, it remains at 100% effectiveness in all modes.

Icon-Modifier-Assault.png Assault

Fires additional projectiles when using melee attacks with a fraction of the attacks strength.
  • This appears as wavy projectiles reaching just beyond regular melee range in random forward directions.
  • They follow slightly behind each attack, so knocking enemies back can put them out of range.
  • Assault starts with just one projectile, but if the damage would ever exceed around 25% of your regular attack damage, it divides into a second projectile, and a third at 50% and a fourth at 75% and so on. Since the final spin hits twice, the projectile adds the damage of both hits, and may cause it to divide further.

Icon-Modifier-Avenger.png Avenger

Restores SP on guard based on the power of the attack. Double that for a perfect guard.

Icon-Modifier-Balance.png Balance

Slows down Overload while using an element.

Icon-Modifier-Bastion.png Bastion

Allows to guard against attacks from the side. Activate twice to shield attacks from above too.
  • The two instances of this modifier are only found in Cold's Guard Circuit path, but since you cannot get Fimbulvetr's Bastion without the first Bastion in the path, they are effectively separate.
  • There are still some attacks that interrupt your shield.
  • Increased by circuit nodes: +2 in Cold

Icon-Modifier-Berserker.png Berserker

Increases damage dealt when at critical HP. (Below 33% of Max HP)
You can tell this is active when your HP bar and number turn red.

Icon-Modifier-Botanist.png Botanist

Combat Rank also increases the drop rate of items from environment objects.

Icon-Modifier-Bouncer.png Bouncer

Increase damage on enemies that are in stunned, weak or in break state.

Icon-Modifier-Brawler.png Brawler

Increases damage done by close combat attacks, including Melee Combat Arts.

Icon-Modifier-Bulk-Calibre.png Bulk Calibre

Increases knockback from charged shots on enemies.
Also affects Ball of Steel and Fae Round.

Icon-Modifier-Bullseye.png Bullseye

Increases critical hit damage.

Icon-Modifier-Burn-Guard.png Burn Guard

Increases the resistance against the Burn Condition and reduces its effect. Burn causes damage over time, depending on the MaxHP of the victim.

Icon-Modifier-Burn-Rush.png Burn Rush

Increases the speed of inflicting the Burn Condition and its effect. Burn causes damage over time, depending on the MaxHP of the victim.
  • Increased by circuit nodes: +60% in Heat

Icon-Modifier-Chill-Guard.png Chill Guard

Increases the resistance against the Chill Condition and reduces its effect. Chill decreases the overall speed of the victim.

Icon-Modifier-Chill-Rush.png Chill Rush

Increases the speed of inflicting the Chill Condition and its effect. Chill decreases the overall speed of the victim.
  • Increased by circuit nodes: +60% in Cold

Icon-Modifier-Extra-Dash.png Extra Dash

Grants an additional dash.

Icon-Modifier-Flash-Step.png Flash Step

Increases the duration of invincibility when dashing.

Icon-Modifier-HP-Regen.png HP Regen

Regenerates given percentage of HP over 60 seconds of combat. Healing frequency increases with higher percentage.

Icon-Modifier-Ice-Skater.png Ice Skater

Makes it possible to normally run and perform actions on ice without slipping.

Icon-Modifier-Iron-Stance.png Iron Stance

Increases knockback resistance to weak attacks, depending on your MaxHP.
  • This behaves as a binary true/false check; if an attack's final damage is less than the percentage of your Max HP, the knockback is nullified. Reducing that damage with more Defense and elemental resistance helps shrug off stronger attacks.
  • Since knockback causes interruption, Iron Stance helps you continue with what you would like to do unimpeded.

Icon-Modifier-Item-Booster.png Item Booster

Increases the effect of healing items and duration of buff items.

Icon-Modifier-Jolt-Guard.png Jolt Guard

Increases the resistance against the Jolt Condition and reduces its effect. Jolt causes damage and stuns in short intervals.

Icon-Modifier-Jolt-Rush.png Jolt Rush

Increases the speed of inflicting the Jolt Condition and its effect. Jolt causes damage and stuns in short intervals.
  • Increased by circuit nodes: +60% in Shock

Icon-Modifier-Keeper.png Keeper

Increases the amount of credits you get from defeating enemies.

Icon-Modifier-Leaf-Bracer.png Leaf Bracer

Using Items cannot be stopped by any attacks. However you can still suffer damage.

Icon-Modifier-Legwork.png Legwork

Increases your movement speed while aiming.
  • Throwing balls stops Lea momentarily, so this mainly applies to charging up shots.
  • Maximum Legwork allows for moving significantly faster than standard running speed.

Icon-Modifier-Lucky-Lucky.png Lucky Lucky

Increases drop rate for items from enemies and environmental objects.

Icon-Modifier-Mark-Guard.png Mark Guard

Increases the resistance against the Mark Condition and reduces its effect. Mark increases the received ranged damage by 50%.

Icon-Modifier-Mark-Rush.png Mark Rush

Increases the speed of inflicting the Mark Condition and its effect. Mark increases the received ranged damage by 50%.
  • Increased by circuit nodes: +60% in Wave

Icon-Modifier-Momentum.png Momentum

Increases damage dealt immediately after dashes. Repeated dashes further increase the damage.
Interrupt your dashes by attacking to guarantee you get this effect.

Icon-Modifier-Nimble-Feet.png Nimble Feet

Makes it possible to freely walk on the sticky webs created by the Aranetarda and sub-species.
  • Increased by leg gear: LV62Old Geta.pngOld Geta (+1)

Icon-Modifier-Once-More.png Once More

Survive exactly one attack that would normally kill you.
  • How this works is any damage that would kill you leaves you in critical mode instead, but while in critical mode any damage kills you like usual.
  • The game also pauses for a moment for you to reassess your approach.
  • This is quite a bit better than you may expect by the above in-game description, since the trigger resets every time you leave critical mode. Pretty insane when alternated with Wave's regeneration.
  • Increased by circuit nodes: +1 in Heat

Icon-Modifier-Pin-Body.png Pin Body

Damages enemies that hit your shield, based on the absorbed damage and defense.
  • You can only damage for as much as you block, so try to block all damage, especially with perfect guards.
  • If you reduce your Focus, enemies will crit you more; if you still block all this damage they take all the more.

Icon-Modifier-Riposte.png Riposte

Resets your perfect guard when landing a successful perfect guard.

Icon-Modifier-Royal-Guard.png Royal Guard

Increases time window for a perfect guard.

Icon-Modifier-Scope.png Scope

Increases the speed of getting precise aiming.
Indirectly charges shots faster.

Icon-Modifier-Shooter.png Shooter

Increases damage done by ranged attacks, including Throw Combat Arts.

Icon-Modifier-Solid-Guard.png Solid Guard

Strengthens your shield and decreases the damage taken while guarding.
With enough of this, you can take zero damage.

Icon-Modifier-SP-Regen.png SP Regen

Increases SP regeneration of any form.

Icon-Modifier-Status-Mend.png Status Mend

Increases the recovery speed from negative status conditions.

Icon-Modifier-Status-Rush.png Status Rush

Increases the speed of inflicting a Status Condition and its effect.

Icon-Modifier-Steady-Shot.png Steady Shot

Decreases the loss of aim from quick aim movement and dashes.
The Shock circuit can provide 100% on its own, negating the loss.

Icon-Modifier-Trainer.png Trainer

Increases the amount of experience gained from defeating enemies.

Icon-Modifier-X-Counter.png X Counter

Increases damage on attacking or charging enemies.

Icon-Modifier-Zero-XP.png Zero XP

Disables exp gain from defeating enemies.

Elemental resistance calculation

Elemental resistances from equipment and circuits are calculated separately and applied to incoming damage consecutively, rather than added into a single modifier. Therefore, your net resistance shown in the Status menu is calculated as follows:

  • NetRes = 100% - (100% - EquipRes) * (100% - SkillRes)
  • rounded to the nearest whole, where EquipRes and SkillRes are given as whole percentages, and
  • EquipRes = Elemental resistance from equipment.
  • SkillRes = Elemental resistance from circuits. The -50% resistance modifier from being in the opposite elemental mode is included here.

The damage you take is calculated as follows:

  • TakenDamage = AttemptedDamage * (1 - EquipRes) * (1 - SkillRes)
  • where EquipRes and SkillRes are given as decimal fractions.
  • or also TakenDamage = AttemptedDamage * (1 - EquipRes - SkillRes + (EquipRes * SkillRes))
  • also with EquipRes and SkillRes given as decimal fractions.

For example, having 50% Heat resistance from equipment and 30% from circuits gives a total of 65% Heat resistance, not 80%. As a consequence, it's not possible to reach 100% effective elemental resistance with a combination of circuit and equipment resistance sources; you would need 100% solely from circuits or from equipment, neither of which is possible.