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Bedrock Edition 1.10.0

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Bedrock Edition

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Texture Update

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Windows 10:

Release date

March 19, 2019[1]

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Windows Linux

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of 1.10
For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of 1.10, see Bedrock Edition guides/1.10 releases.

1.10.0, the third experimental release for Village & Pillage, is a major update to Bedrock Edition released on March 19, 2019.[2] It adds some more features of Village & Pillage that were not added in either 1.8.0 or 1.9.0, such as shields, pillager outposts, new types of villagers, new textures and more.



  • Currently have no functionality.
  • Available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Version exclusive: Have a different crafting recipe than Java Edition.
  • Currently have no functionality.
  • Available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Version exclusive: Uses the older texture and model from Java Edition 19w02a.
Jigsaw blocks
  • Currently have no functionality, and can only be obtained via an inventory editor.
  • Placing a book and quill or written book on the lectern allows multiple players to read it together.
  • A book and quill can be read, but not edited when placed on a lectern.
  • Used to easily make patterns for banners.
  • New stonecutters are only available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Still have no functionality.
  • Old stonecutters are still available via an inventory editor.
Sweet berry bushes
  • Can be found in Taiga and Snowy Taiga biomes.
  • Can be planted from sweet berries.
  • Have 4 growth stages.
  • Drop 2-3 sweet berries when harvested.
  • Available through Experimental Gameplay.


Banner patterns
  • Made with the Loom.
  • Can be added to banners to apply designs.
  • Version exclusive: There are 6 types of banner patterns: Creeper Charge, Flower Charge, Skull Charge, Thing, Field Masoned, and Bordure Indented.
Spawn eggs
Sweet berries
  • Collected from sweet berry bushes.
  • Can be eaten or planted into bushes.
  • Can be planted into the ground and grown into sweet berry bushes.
  • New tool that can be used to block most incoming attacks.
  • Sneaking or mounting a mob activates the shield when equipped in either hand.
  • Crafted with 6 planks and 1 iron ingot.


Wandering traders
  • A type of villager that appears at a village's gathering site periodically and stays for a period of 2–3 in-game days (40–60 minutes of real-life time). This trader offers items from a wide variety of different biomes, random dyes, and other rare materials.
  • Accompanied by two custom llamas.
  • Available through Experimental Gameplay.
Illager beasts
  • Available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Currently only have the basic AI.
  • Drop a saddle when killed.
  • Added a new skin: Jellie, the community cat contest winner.

World generation

Pillager outposts
  • Generate in the same biomes as villages, and pillagers respawn around the tower.
  • Available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Version exclusive: Can generate with tall foundation.
  • Version exclusive: Generate with black banners, instead of illager banners.


  • Version exclusive: Added a new achievement:
    • Fruit on the Loom - Make a banner using an Enchanted Apple Stencil (20G)



  • Still under Experimental Gameplay and cannot be opened.
  • Added crafting recipe.
    • Version exclusive: Have a different crafting recipe than Java Edition.
  • Still under Experimental Gameplay.
  • Improved and added placement features.
Blast furnaces and smokers
  • Still under Experimental Gameplay.
  • Added crafting recipe.
Cartography tables
  • Still under Experimental Gameplay.
  • Added crafting recipe.
    • Version exclusive: Have a different crafting recipe than Java Edition.
Chorus flowers
  • Now break when shot with an arrow.
  • Now have placement sounds.
Dead bushes
  • Can now be used as fuel.
  • Dispensers with shears in them can now shear sheep.
  • Still under Experimental Gameplay.
  • Added crafting recipe.
  • Updated texture.
  • Are no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Can now be properly attached to the bottom or top of blocks.
  • Now have animated textures.
  • Added crafting recipe.
  • Now have a chance to drop 0–2 sticks when decaying.
Logs and stripped logs
  • Have been renamed from "Wood" and "Stripped Wood".
Smithing tables
  • Still under Experimental Gameplay.
  • Updated texture.
Wet sponges
  • Version exclusive: Now dry out immediately when placed in the Nether.
Wood and stripped wood
  • A log block with the bark texture on all 6 sides.
  • Are no longer unused, and can now be crafted with 4 logs or stripped logs.
White carpets and undyed glass panes
  • Can now be dyed directly in the crafting table.


Beetroot soup and Rabbit stew
  • Now have shapeless crafting recipes.
  • Are no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.


  • Mob events and behavior can now be scheduled using JSON.
  • Are no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Added new sounds. (MCPE-39111).
  • Have been split into two mobs:
    • New villagers spawn in new villages.
    • Old villagers still spawn in igloo basements.
  • New villager behavior:
    • Implemented some of the new villager schedule behaviors.
    • Implemented new villager sleep behaviors.
    • Villagers may now wander to the village outskirts.
    • Villagers attempt to find a door when it rains during the day, but navigate to their bed at night.
    • Updated and improved pathfinding.
    • Villagers now have a visual-based trading system, and hold up the item they wish to trade.
    • Villagers have new clothing to indicate their level, profession, and biome.
    • Villagers now mingle together around gathering sites in the village.
    • Librarians inspect bookshelves.
    • Villagers can switch professions depending on the job site blocks available in the village.
      • Villagers now interact with beds and corresponding job site blocks.
  • Added mason, green-coated (nitwit), and unemployed (no-overlay) villager professions.
Zombie villagers
  • Split into 2 different mobs
    • New zombie villagers have biome-specific and profession skin layers.
      • Available through Experimental Gameplay.
    • Old zombie villagers still spawn in igloo basements.

World generation

  • Have a new look, differing per biome.
  • Added village job sites and gathering sites.
  • Number of houses depends on beds.
  • Taiga villages are now more common.
  • Removed zombie villages, due to new village changes.
  • Available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Can be located with both /locate village and /locate newvillage. /locate village is not always guaranteed to locate a village, while /locate newvillage always point to villages.
  • No longer generate in Old world type.
  • Version exclusive: Meeting points generate with various bell types.
  • Version exclusive: Job and gathering sites, that villagers mingle around together, generate in villages.
    • Job sites can be built by players by placing job site blocks in village boundaries.
  • Most strongholds no longer generate under village wells - they now generate under village meeting points.
    • Available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Reduced the chance of strongholds generating under villages.
  • Now always generate with a red bed, regardless of the biome.


Texture Update
  • The new vanilla textures are now set as the default pack.
Data-driven animation
  • Refactored the animation system to support hierarchical animation, and treat animations and animation controllers as 'animations'.
  • Updated JSON with new animation support, upgraded schema for actor definition, and included upgrades for animation controllers and actor definitions.
  • Converted sheep and pigs to the new animation system.
  • Move locators to bones.
  • Blend state transitions.
  • Removed cod lead locator.
  • Renamed ActorAnimation to ActorSkeletalAnimation.
  • Initial poly mesh support.
  • Added TextureMesh geometry.
  • Flipping data-driven entities test to enable new entities to use bind_pose_rotation.
  • Events now have defined data objects containing all event data.
  • Added new villager animations.
Data-driven models
  • Added default parenting to the evoker nose, in line with over villager-derived mobs.
Entity scripting function
  • Is no longer behind Experimental Gameplay.
  • Pressing help button links to the relevant how to play section.
  • Updated the how to play section.
  • Can now be edited using standard JSON formatting.
  • Renamed some particles include prefix test_ to example_.
  • Removed test_mule and test_sphere.
  • Improvements to the operator status and permission settings, with the added option to enable cheats or not.
Resource packs
  • Are now separate from world templates and can be updated independently in existing worlds.
Scripting system
  • Players without scripting enabled now see an appropriate message if they try and join an incompatible server that has scripting enabled.
  • Updating a player's position with scripting now correctly syncs with the player.
  • Creating actors via script now avoids the spawning logic.
    • This prevents hard-coded logic like ocelots spawning along with baby ocelots.
  • Improved the message wording for players who get disconnected due to unsupported scripts.
  • Allow events to fire without a defined event data object.
  • Renamed Views to Actor/Entity Queries.
  • Added sound events to the scripting API.
  • Add Event Data to load_ui.
  • Custom UIs can now be made like regular in-game UI screens.
  • Added 'Global Objects' to the scripting API.
  • Refactored JavaScript object registration.
  • Added the ability to enable and disable scripting error and warning logging.


  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay.
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur when loading the game.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when repeatedly attempting to cancel joining a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when rejoining the game in the End dimension.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering a portal on some servers.
  • Resource packs that are nested in an extra folder no longer cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when adding a resource pack with a missing pack icon.
  • Stacking slabs to make a double slab no longer crashes the game.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on Xbox One if a player was not signed in correctly.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a world and reentering it on Xbox One.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using a jukebox on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when downloading or copying a large world on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to launch the marketplace packs "City Cars" and "Mineville Film Studios" on mobile devices.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen after running scripts for a long period of time.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading large world templates.
  • Optimized particles to improve performance.
  • Looping UI animations no longer increase memory usage over time.
  • Removing ticking areas from the game now correctly frees up used memory.
  • Fixed a scripting crash that could occur when using 'SpawnParticleInWorld' events.
  • Fixed another issue that could cause the game to sometimes not load past the Minecraft splash screen on some devices. (MCPE-35078)
  • Players are now informed if they are disconnected from Xbox Live when the Xbox One console is resumed from standby.
  • Various fixes and improvements to the Marketplace sorting and search results.
  • Fixed an issue on Xbox One that would disable LAN games when the player did not have multiplayer permissions.
  • Fixed a bug with converted worlds on Nintendo Switch that prevented cross-platform multiplayer. (MCPE-34641)
  • Players can once again travel through End gateway portals without suffocating and no longer encounter world loading issues as a result. (MCPE-41533, MCPE-40538)
  • Player position is now accurately saved when exiting and rejoining a world.
  • Lightning no longer has a downward area of effect when hitting blocks, so no longer strike mobs sheltering underneath blocks.
  • The descend button now works correctly when underwater and using touch controls.
  • Fixed a bug where players could respawn some distance away from their beds. (MCPE-39261)
  • Fixed a bug where lava could hurt a player through block corners. (MCPE-37726)
  • The re-center button on Minecraft VR has been mapped to Y now instead of X.
  • Players using Oculus Rift can no longer fly in Survival mode after swimming. (MCPE-39833)
World generation
  • Trapdoors in shipwrecks are now correctly rotated.
  • Snow layers generate around grass and flowers again in snow biomes. (MCPE-38018)
  • Strongholds now generate with the correct stair variants again. (MCPE-39380)
  • Mutated birch forest biomes now generate with extra tall birch trees again. (MCPE-29698)
  • The correct amount of white terracotta now generates in mesa biomes.
  • Reduced the number of drowned mobs that can spawn in an area. (MCPE-34032)
  • Passive mobs now spawn on the correct block types. (MCPE-39727)
  • Turtles no longer levitate above the ground.
  • Damage cooldown no longer hinders other mob attacks.
  • Wither skeletons and vex mobs can now be renamed with nametags. (MCPE-20701)
  • Fixed the pathfinding for zombies chasing villagers inside buildings. (MCPE-37424)
  • Fixed the wither's ranged and swoop attacks. (MCPE-39773)
  • Skeletons once again attack iron golems.
  • Cats are no longer tempted by food when they are too far from the player.
  • Fixed an issue with the sword held by the vex mob.
  • Fixed sleep goal so mobs can get in beds that have blocks on the sides.
  • Mobs can no longer destroy paintings if Mob Griefing is disabled. (MCPE-38916)
  • Bamboo saplings no longer destroy blocks above them as they grow. (MCPE-39854)
  • 'Monster Egg' blocks are now named 'Infested' blocks to match Java Edition.
  • Infested bricks mined with silk touch now drop as its non-infested variant.
  • It is now possible to climb through snow layers placed on top of scaffolding. (MCPE-39324)
  • Hanging banners no longer show as floor standing banner variants. (MCPE-39507)
  • Scaffolding no longer gets left hanging unsupported when being placed rapidly. (MCPE-38338)
  • Horizontal scaffolding extensions can now be placed over non-solid blocks correctly. (MCPE-39296)
  • Fixed a bug where kelp would grow in horizontal flowing water. (MCPE-37155)
  • Items can no longer be duplicated in the crafting grid. (MCPE-40253)
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to gain unlimited items from the recipe book. (MCPE-41905)
  • The new dye types can now be used to dye shulker mobs. (MCPE-40279)
  • Players on split-screen no longer have limited visibility underwater. (MCPE-39539)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause missing textures if the player suspended the game while it is still loading.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause lighting issues in chunks when flying around.
  • Pandas eating bamboo now show correctly colored food particles. (MCPE-38285)
  • Food held by pandas is now sized, positioned, and textured correctly. (MCPE-39061)
  • Upside-down shulkers now have the correct opening animation. (MCPE-40110)
  • Graphics no longer become corrupted when disabling texel anti-aliasing on Nintendo Switch. (MCPE-34820)
  • Colored beacon beam textures no longer appear compressed.
  • Mobs no longer spawn with heart particles.
  • Weapons held by armor stands are now the correct size. (MCPE-39064)
  • Fixed skeleton melee attack animation.
  • Firework stars no longer appear black in the Creative inventory.
  • Fixed animations for cow and parrot mobs.
  • Ender dragon attacks now show a particle trail.
  • Cornflowers now render correctly in item frames.
  • Existing armor stands no longer turn white.
  • Fixed the spider leg animation in the Dwarven Mining Company marketplace map.
  • Fixed wither skeleton model geometry issue that was affecting some Marketplace content.
  • Fixed the head rotation of pigmen when non-standard texture packs are used. (MCPE-40629)
User interface
  • Menu buttons no longer stay highlighted after being selected (MCPE-37640)
  • Worlds no longer show singleplayer only warning message when multiplayer is enabled (MCPE-39194)
  • Texture packs applied to a freshly created world are now displayed in the active list
  • Global resource packs no longer show in the active packs list if they are not applied to a specific world
  • The 'Unlock Template World Options' popup no longer has a placeholder message
  • Fixed an issue with the black and pink missing texture icon that would sometimes appear in the marketplace
  • Players are prompted to redownload packs if they have been applied to a world but removed from the cache
  • Players who are disconnected while downloading a multiplayer pack no longer get stuck on the saving world screen
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the player to get stuck on the 'Converting World' screen if the game is suspended
  • Enabling 'Touch only affects the hotbar' on Nintendo Switch now works as expected: (MCPE-38614)
    • Controller sensitivity setting (touching the screen no longer interferes with controller movement)​.
    • Removed increased build distance in creative including place/mine tooltips​.
    • When the last hotbar slot selected, touching the screen no longer switches to 8th slot.
  • Fixed the ability to unblock players from Realms on the members list for pages two and above.
  • Giving a cobblestone wall variant with commands no longer crashes the game. (MCPE-41657)
  • Chest minecarts now drop their contents if destroyed with the /kill command.
  • Multiple commands run from Functions now run from the correct point of execution. (MCPE-38983, MCPE-39785)
  • Players no longer receive command feedback when cheats are disabled. (MCPE-39590)
  • Fixed an issue related to scoreboard not showing the correct entries.
  • Using scoreboard selectors no longer adds extra characters to player names.
  • Scoreboards now work correctly with custom-named entities.
  • Scoreboard data is now saved more accurately when exiting a world.
  • Various fixes and improvements to the randomTickSpeed function.
Add-ons / script engine
  • Renamed blocks in resource packs now keep their custom names.
  • Packs missing 'experimental_custom_ui' don't allow loading UI anymore.
  • Script queries no longer show error messages when detecting dropped item entities. (MCPE-40437)
  • 'minecraft:look_at' component now has consistent naming between scripting and JSON.
  • The scripting event 'entity_created' now fires correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the scripting event 'isValidEntity' not working as expected.
  • Fixed the 'damage_sensor' scripting component that was not working as expected.
  • Scripting can now be used to attach particles to mobs correctly.
  • Fixed issue of region filters not working if inside a custom spawn event.
  • Renamed the 'player_attacked_actor' scripting event to 'player_attacked_entity'.
  • Scripting 'isValidEntity' now correctly checks for valid entities only.
  • Fixed incorrect results for 'hasComponent' on some entity components.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • With only two beta versions released for it, 1.10.0 has the least number of beta versions across all major Bedrock Edition updates.

See also


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