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Bedrock Edition beta

Beta is the first beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.9.0, released on November 15, 2018,[1] which adds some more Village & Pillage features such as cornflowers, lilies of the valley, and new slabs, stairs, and walls.



Smooth blocks
  • Added smooth stone, smooth sandstone, smooth red sandstone, and smooth quartz blocks.
  • Obtained by smelting their normal block variants in a furnace.
  • Added spruce, birch, acacia, jungle, and dark oak signs.
  • Added stone, andesite, polished andesite, diorite, polished diorite, granite, polished granite, mossy stone brick, mossy cobblestone, smooth sandstone, smooth red sandstone, smooth quartz, red nether brick, and end stone brick slabs.
  • Added cut sandstone and cut red sandstone slabs.
  • Added stone, andesite, polished andesite, diorite, polished diorite, granite, polished granite, mossy stone brick, mossy cobblestone, smooth sandstone, smooth red sandstone, smooth quartz, red nether brick, and end stone brick stairs.
  • Added brick, andesite, diorite, granite, prismarine, stone brick, mossy stone brick, sandstone, red sandstone, nether brick, red nether brick, and end stone brick walls.


Spawn Egg



World generation

Bamboo forests

Command format

  • immediateRespawn
    • Allows players to respawn immediately without showing the death screen.
  • showDeathMessages
    • Allows players to select whether a message appears in chat when a player or tamed mob dies.
  • Added the following particles:
    • minecraft:test_flipbook
    • minecraft:test_vertexrandom
    • minecraft:balloon_gas_particle
    • minecraft:mobspell_emitter
    • minecraft:basic_crit_particle
    • minecraft:portal_directional
    • minecraft:bubble_column_down_particle
    • minecraft:portal_east_west
    • minecraft:portal_north_south
    • minecraft:bubble_column_up_particle
    • minecraft:crit_emitter
    • minecraft:splash_spell_emitter
    • minecraft:end_chest
    • minecraft:totem_particle
    • minecraft:evocation_fang_particle
    • minecraft:water_splash_particle
    • minecraft:evoker_spell
    • minecraft:water_wake_particle
    • minecraft:magnesium_salts_emitter
    • minecraft:wither_boss_invulnerable
    • minecraft:mob_portal
  • Enables the use of raw text formatting to be able to send translatable text output to chat using JSON.


  • Added new splash texts:
    • "Machine learning!"
    • "Release the Snord!"
    • "Team Mystic!"
    • "Living, breathing world!"
    • "Innovating innovation!"
    • "Change my mind."
    • "There's no stopping the Trollmaso."
    • "This is good for Realms."
    • "High-key!"
    • "Funding secured!"
    • "Throw yourself at the ground and miss"
    • "YANNY OR LAUREL???"
    • "Truly gone fishing!"
    • "So. You read splash text."
    • "Very influential in its circle!"
    • "Warning! A huge battleship \"STEVE\" is approaching fast!"
    • "Alexander Hamilton!"
    • "Yay, puppies for everyone!"
    • "You're going too fast!"
    • "That's Numberwang!"
    • "Thanks for the fish!"
    • "Take the elevator to the mezzanine!"
    • "Take an egg beater and beat it against a skillet!"
    • "Stop being reasonable, this is the Internet!"
    • "So sweet, like a nice bon bon!"
    • "#Blessed!"
    • "Have you finished your homework?"
    • "We're working on it!"
    • "Like that smash button!"
    • "Minecraft 2 unconfirmed!"
    • "A circle-free environment!"
    • "Llama, llama, duck!"
    • "When it's ready!"
    • "Make a viral video!!1"
    • "Artisinal!"
    • "The Floor is Lava!"
    • "Savage Dad jokes!"
    • "Protec but also attac"
    • "Potatoes gonna potate!"
    • "Bananas!"
    • "zhoolor"
    • ""
    • "Oh geez!"
    • "Crush it!"
    • "Keep your head down, there's two of us in here now. Remember?"
    • "Sodium free!"
    • "What DOES the fox say?"
    • "#gartzkebrokeit"



  • A single bamboo shoot can now generate rarely through jungle biomes.
Moss stone
  • Has been renamed to "Mossy Cobblestone".
Nether brick fences
  • Changed the crafting recipe to 4 nether brick blocks and 2 nether brick items.
    • Previous crafting recipe is now used to make nether brick walls.
Smooth sandstone and smooth red sandstone
  • Have been renamed to "Cut Sandstone" and "Cut Red Sandstone", respectively.
  • Renamed "Sign" to "Oak Sign".
  • Default text color is now white.
  • Oak signs now require oak planks to craft instead of any planks.
Stone slabs
  • Renamed "Stone Slab" to "Smooth Stone Slab".
  • Now require smooth stone to craft instead of normal stone.
Sandstone slabs and stairs
  • Now require regular sandstone to craft, not variants.
  • Are now activated when broken, unless broken with shears.
  • Has been renamed to "White Wool".


  • Improved performance when using function commands; they are now pre-compiled on world reload.
Loading tips
  • Added several new loading screen tips and trivia suggested by the community.


  • Fixed a crash that occurred during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when replacing a wooden door with an iron one. (MCPE-37941)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using pick block on a chest filled with written books.
  • Updated low disk space error message.
  • Held items now show the correct texture when changing resource packs. (MCPE-38302)
  • Fixed touch controls so players no longer get stuck in sneak position when underwater. (MCPE-38212)
  • Fixed panda feeding animation.
  • Crossbows no longer fire accidentally when interacting with blocks or mobs on touch screen devices. (MCPE-38321)
  • Crossbows can now be used to hit mobs. (MCPE-38314)
  • The trident throwing animation no longer gets mixed up with the new crossbow animation. (MCPE-38358)
  • Fixed the issue with breaking blocks when trying to fire a crossbow on touch screen devices. (MCPE-38465)
  • Added new notification for worlds that have missing templates, with a prompt to redownload the relevant template from the store if necessary.
  • Improved text entry in various fields - text boxes can be highlighted and selected using the keyboard.
  • The skin picker menu now only displays progress/loading animation when online.
  • Fixed missing "Save to Microsoft account" message when saving purchases on Nintendo Switch in handheld mode.
  • Players can no longer change their customized player permissions in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed remaining commands that use relative coordinates that are below y3. (MCPE-35130)
  • Shulker boxes now push mobs when opening. (MCPE-22480)
  • Error messages are now more informative when trying to join an unavailable world.
  • Fixed a remaining issue that could cause a sudden change in direction on touch screen devices. (MCPE-35910)
  • Falling block entities can now be killed using commands. (MCPE-38300)
  • Defeating the ender dragon now drops the correct amount of XP and generates a dragon egg in converted worlds. (MCPE-28864)
  • Vines collected with Silk Touch tools can be used correctly in banner designs. (MCPE-35134)
  • End gateway portals now work correctly even if the destination area has already been generated. (MCPE-19699)
  • Dropped items are now correctly displaced by slabs and glass. (MCPE-12025)
  • Improved marketplace navigation when using a controller or keyboard.
  • Fixed the swimming animation of the "Syrena" skin in Pirates of the Caribbean Mash-up pack.
  • Repeating command blocks now keep their 'always active' state when cloned. (MCPE-36340)
  • Clocks and compass items now load in correctly when joining a world. (MCPE-36952)