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Bedrock Edition data values

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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition. 
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Reason: Changes to numeric IDs in 1.16.100+.

These data values refer to the different types of blocks and items on Bedrock Edition. They are used in many places in Minecraft. Block IDs are used to define blocks placed in the world and inventory items (including items in chests and items dropped in the world). Item IDs are valid only for items. Block data further defines blocks placed, describing for example the height of water or the direction a torch points. These data values differ greatly from Java Edition.

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Block IDs

For a full table of block-metadata combinations, see Bedrock Edition data values/Metadata table.

Block Table with Legacy Numeric ID 

Item IDs

Block items

All of blocks have their own direct item forms. A block with numeric ID over 255 have item form with numeric ID of 255 - (block ID) to avoid block item IDs being overlapped into the other item ID space.

The string IDs of most blocks' direct item forms are the same as IDs of the blocks themselves. However, there are some exceptions:

Block ID Block item ID
skull item.skull
campfire item.campfire
brewing_stand item.brewing_stand
cauldron item.cauldron
stone_slab2 double_stone_slab2
double_stone_slab2 real_double_stone_slab2
flower_pot item.flower_pot
chain item.chain
soul_campfire item.soul_campfire
stone_slab3 double_stone_slab3
wheat item.wheat
stone_slab double_stone_slab
jungle_door item.jungle_door
glow_frame item.glow_frame
nether_wart item.nether_wart
bed item.bed
beetroot item.beetroot
spruce_door item.spruce_door
cake item.cake
frame item.frame
crimson_door item.crimson_door
warped_door item.warped_door
double_stone_slab real_double_stone_slab
stone_slab4 double_stone_slab4
acacia_door item.acacia_door
dark_oak_door item.dark_oak_door
wooden_door item.wooden_door
concretepowder concrete_powder
double_stone_slab4 real_double_stone_slab4
nether_sprouts item.nether_sprouts
reeds item.reeds
double_stone_slab3 real_double_stone_slab3
iron_door item.iron_door
kelp item.kelp
birch_door item.birch_door
hopper item.hopper

Note that commands like /give use blocks' IDs to specify block items, instead of block items' IDs.

Other items

Other items have values above 255, making it easy to separate the block item IDs from the other item IDs.

In early versions, items had numeric IDs which had been used in commands and savegame files. However, these numeric IDs are deprecated. The following table lists items with their legacy numeric IDs.

Item Table with Legacy Numeric ID 

In current versions, items have numeric runtime IDs which are used internally in the game. The runtime IDs depend on the order in which the item is registered in the code. So when a new item is added, other items' IDs may also change. And some items are exclusive in normal Bedrock Edition, the developer version, or the Education Edition, so items' runtime IDs are not the same in each edition. The following table lists items with their numeric runtime IDs.

Item Table with Numeric Runtime ID 

Item Table with Numeric Runtime ID in developer version 

View at: dev=1 [edit]

Item Table with Numeric Runtime ID in Education Edition 

View at: edu=1 [edit]

Note that the boat, dye, banner_pattern, and spawn_egg in the four tables above are not normal items in game. They are used as alias IDs. For backward compatibility, an item has alias ID if its ID was changed:

Alias ID Current ID
record_wait music_disc_wait
darkoak_sign dark_oak_sign
record_mellohi music_disc_mellohi blue_glazed_terracotta
glazedterracotta.light_blue light_blue_glazed_terracotta
glazedterracotta.lime lime_glazed_terracotta
record_pigstep music_disc_pigstep
fish cod
melon melon_slice
record_far music_disc_far
record_ward music_disc_ward
muttonraw mutton
map filled_map
carrotonastick carrot_on_a_stick
totem totem_of_undying
reeds sugar_cane
sign oak_sign
horsearmordiamond diamond_horse_armor
muttoncooked cooked_mutton green_glazed_terracotta pink_glazed_terracotta
horsearmorleather leather_horse_armor
fireball fire_charge
record_otherside music_disc_otherside
cooked_fish cooked_cod black_glazed_terracotta
speckled_melon glistering_melon_slice
record_13 music_disc_13
horsearmorgold golden_horse_armor
appleenchanted enchanted_golden_apple
glazedterracotta.brown brown_glazed_terracotta
record_blocks music_disc_blocks
glazedterracotta.cyan cyan_glazed_terracotta
record_cat music_disc_cat
nametag name_tag
glazedterracotta.gray gray_glazed_terracotta
record_strad music_disc_strad
horsearmoriron iron_horse_armor
glazedterracotta.yellow yellow_glazed_terracotta
turtle_shell_piece scute
netherstar nether_star
glazedterracotta.magenta magenta_glazed_terracotta orange_glazed_terracotta
prismarineshard prismarine_shard
fireworks firework_rocket
emptymap empty_map
glazedterracotta.white white_glazed_terracotta
chorus_fruit_popped popped_chorus_fruit
lodestonecompass lodestone_compass
glazedterracotta.purple purple_glazed_terracotta
glazedterracotta.silver silver_glazed_terracotta
record_mall music_disc_mall
record_stal music_disc_stal
fireworkscharge firework_star
clownfish tropical_fish
record_11 music_disc_11 red_glazed_terracotta
record_chirp music_disc_chirp
bucket:1 milk_bucket
bucket:0 bucket
bucket:3 salmon_bucket
bucket:2 cod_bucket
bucket:5 pufferfish_bucket
bucket:4 tropical_fish_bucket
bucket:8 water_bucket
bucket:13 tadpole_bucket
bucket:12 axolotl_bucket
bucket:11 powder_snow_bucket
bucket:10 lava_bucket
dye:20 glow_ink_sac
dye:19 white_dye
dye:18 blue_dye
dye:14 orange_dye
dye:15 bone_meal
dye:1 red_dye
dye:0 ink_sac
dye:3 cocoa_beans
dye:2 green_dye
dye:5 purple_dye
dye:4 lapis_lazuli
dye:7 light_gray_dye
dye:6 cyan_dye
dye:9 pink_dye
dye:8 gray_dye
dye:16 black_dye
dye:17 brown_dye
dye:13 magenta_dye
dye:12 light_blue_dye
dye:11 yellow_dye
dye:10 lime_dye
spawn_egg:43 blaze_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:47 husk_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:37 slime_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:57 vindicator_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:112 cod_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:115 villager_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:111 tropical_fish_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:114 pillager_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:27 zombie_horse_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:17 squid_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:13 sheep_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:33 creeper_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:23 horse_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:42 magma_cube_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:36 zombie_pigman_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:46 stray_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:56 agent_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:122 bee_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:125 strider_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:108 pufferfish_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:129 glow_squid_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:121 fox_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:124 hoglin_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:16 mooshroom_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:26 skeleton_horse_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:12 pig_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:22 ocelot_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:32 zombie_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:51 npc_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:41 ghast_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:55 endermite_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:45 witch_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:35 spider_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:59 ravager_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:49 guardian_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:39 silverfish_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:29 llama_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:132 frog_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:118 wandering_trader_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:19 bat_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:25 mule_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:15 villager_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:31 dolphin_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:11 cow_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:40 cave_spider_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:50 elder_guardian_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:54 shulker_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:34 skeleton_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:44 zombie_villager_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:48 wither_skeleton_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:58 phantom_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:28 polar_bear_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:38 enderman_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:133 tadpole_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:130 axolotl_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:75 cat_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:127 piglin_brute_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:126 zoglin_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:105 vex_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:123 piglin_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:113 panda_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:18 rabbit_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:110 drowned_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:109 salmon_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:14 wolf_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:24 donkey_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:128 goat_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:104 evoker_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:74 turtle_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:30 parrot_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:116 zombie_villager_spawn_egg
spawn_egg:10 chicken_spawn_egg
coal:1 charcoal
coal:0 coal
banner_pattern:1 skull_banner_pattern
banner_pattern:0 creeper_banner_pattern
banner_pattern:3 mojang_banner_pattern
banner_pattern:2 flower_banner_pattern
banner_pattern:5 bordure_indented_banner_pattern
banner_pattern:4 field_masoned_banner_pattern
banner_pattern:7 globe_banner_pattern
banner_pattern:6 piglin_banner_pattern
boat:1 spruce_boat
boat:0 oak_boat
boat:3 jungle_boat
boat:2 birch_boat
boat:5 dark_oak_boat
boat:4 acacia_boat
record_5 music_disc_5
sealantern sea_lantern

Entity IDs

Several entity names do not correlate with entity names from Java Edition. The standard for naming new entities changes with subsequent releases; however, existing entity names have not been changed.

Icon Dec Hex Name Entity
64 40 item Dropped item
69 45 xp_orb Experience Orb
65 41 tnt Primed TNT
66 42 falling_block Falling block
67 43 moving_block Moving Block
Immobile and projectiles
61 3D armor_stand Armor stand
68 44 xp_bottle Thrown Bottle o' Enchanting
70 46 eye_of_ender_signal Eye of Ender
71 47 ender_crystal Ender Crystal
72 48 fireworks_rocket Firework rocket
73 49 thrown_trident Trident
76 4C shulker_bullet Shulker bullet
77 4D fishing_hook Fishing Rod hook
79 4F dragon_fireball Dragon fireball
80 50 arrow Shot arrow
81 51 snowball Thrown snowball
82 52 egg Thrown egg
83 53 painting Painting
84 54 minecart Minecart
85 55 fireball Ghast fireball
86 56 splash_potion Thrown splash potion
87 57 ender_pearl Thrown Ender Pearl
88 58 leash_knot Leash knot
89 59 wither_skull Wither skull
90 5A boat Boat
91 5B wither_skull_dangerous Blue wither skull
93 5D lightning_bolt Lightning Bolt
94 5E small_fireball Blaze fireball
95 5F area_effect_cloud Area Effect Cloud
96 60 hopper_minecart Minecart with Hopper
97 61 tnt_minecart Minecart with TNT
98 62 chest_minecart Minecart with Chest
100 64 command_block_minecart Minecart with Command Block
101 65 lingering_potion Thrown lingering potion
102 66 llama_spit Llama spit
103 67 evocation_fang Evocation fangs
106 6A ice_bomb Ice Bomb
107 6B balloon Balloon
218 86 chest_boat Boat with Chest
Hostile mobs
32 20 zombie Zombie
33 21 creeper Creeper
34 22 skeleton Skeleton
35 23 spider Spider
36 24 zombie_pigman Zombified Piglin
37 25 slime Slime
38 26 enderman Enderman
39 27 silverfish Silverfish
40 28 cave_spider Cave Spider
41 29 ghast Ghast
42 2A magma_cube Magma Cube
43 2B blaze Blaze
44 2C zombie_villager Zombie Villager
45 2D witch Witch
46 2E stray Stray
47 2F husk Husk
48 30 wither_skeleton Wither Skeleton
49 31 guardian Guardian
50 32 elder_guardian Elder Guardian
52 34 wither Wither
53 35 ender_dragon Ender Dragon
54 36 shulker Shulker
55 37 endermite Endermite
57 39 vindicator Vindicator
58 3A phantom Phantom
59 3B ravager Ravager
104 68 evocation_illager Evoker
105 69 vex Vex
110 6E drowned Drowned
114 72 pillager Pillager
116 74 zombie_villager_v2 Zombie Villager
123 7B piglin Piglin
124 7C hoglin Hoglin
126 7E zoglin Zoglin
127 7F piglin_brute Piglin Brute
131 83 warden Warden
Passive and neutral mobs
10 A chicken Chicken
11 B cow Cow
12 C pig Pig
13 D sheep Sheep
14 E wolf Wolf
15 F villager Villager
16 10 mooshroom Mooshroom
17 11 squid Squid
18 12 rabbit Rabbit
19 13 bat Bat
20 14 iron_golem Iron Golem
21 15 snow_golem Snow Golem
22 16 ocelot Ocelot
23 17 horse Horse
24 18 donkey Donkey
25 19 mule Mule
26 1A skeleton_horse Skeleton Horse
27 1B zombie_horse Zombie Horse
28 1C polar_bear Polar Bear
29 1D llama Llama
30 1E parrot Parrot
31 1F dolphin Dolphin
74 4A turtle Turtle
75 4B cat Cat
108 6C pufferfish Pufferfish
109 6D salmon Salmon
111 6F tropicalfish Tropical Fish
112 70 cod Cod
113 71 panda Panda
115 73 villager_v2 Villager
118 76 wandering_trader Wandering Trader
121 79 fox Fox
122 7A bee Bee
125 7D strider Strider
128 80 goat Goat
132 84 frog Frog
133 85 tadpole Tadpole
134 86 allay Allay
63 3F player Player
117 75 shield Shield
120 78 elder_guardian_ghost Elder Guardian Ghost
Education Edition
51 33 npc NPC
56 38 agent Agent
62 3E tripod_camera Camera
78 4E chalkboard Chalkboard

Effect IDs

Effect ID Resource location Particle
Speed 1 speed
Slowness 2



3 haste
Mining Fatigue 4 mining_fatigue
Strength 5 strength
Instant Health 6 instant_health
Instant Damage 7 instant_damage
Jump Boost 8 jump_boost
Nausea 9 nausea

Regeneration 10 regeneration
Resistance 11 resistance
Fire Resistance 12 fire_resistance
Water Breathing 13 water_breathing
Invisibility 14 invisibility
Blindness 15 blindness
Night Vision 16 night_vision
Hunger 17 hunger
Weakness 18 weakness
Poison 19 poison
Wither 20 wither

Health Boost 21 health_boost
Absorption 22 absorption
Saturation 23 saturation


24 levitation
Fatal Poison 25 fatal_poison
Conduit Power 26 conduit_power
Slow Falling 27 slow_falling
Bad Omen 28 bad_omen
Hero of the Village 29 village_hero
Darkness 30 darkness

Enchantment IDs

Enchantment Resource location ID
Protection protection 0
Fire Protection fire_protection 1
Feather Falling feather_falling 2
Blast Protection blast_protection 3
Projectile Protection projectile_protection 4
Thorns thorns 5
Respiration respiration 6
Depth Strider depth_strider 7
Aqua Affinity aqua_affinity 8
Sharpness sharpness 9


Bane of Arthropods bane_of_arthropods 11
Knockback knockback 12
Fire Aspect fire_aspect 13
Looting looting 14
Efficiency efficiency 15
Silk Touch silk_touch 16
Unbreaking unbreaking 17
Fortune fortune 18
Power power 19
Punch punch 20
Flame flame 21
Infinity infinity 22
Luck of the Sea luck_of_the_sea 23
Lure lure 24
Frost Walker frost_walker 25
Mending mending 26
Curse of Binding binding_curse 27
Curse of Vanishing vanishing_curse 28
Impaling impaling 29
Riptide riptide 30
Loyalty loyalty 31
Channeling channeling 32
Multishot multishot 33
Piercing piercing 34
Quick Charge quick_charge 35
Soul Speed soul_speed 36
Swift Sneak swift_sneak 37