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Java Edition 23w12a

23w12a is the first snapshot for Java Edition 1.20 released on March 22, 2023[1] which adds calibrated sculk sensors, sniffer eggs, suspicious gravel, trail ruins, more armor trims and pottery shards, and new sign mechanics.



Calibrated Sculk Sensor
Pitcher Plant
  • A type of plant which grows from the pitcher pod after 4 stages (5 stages in total).
  • Can be obtained by breaking a fully grown pitcher crop.
  • Can be crafted into a cyan dye.
  • Cannot be placed in a flower pot.
Sniffer Egg
  • The sniffer egg can be found in the suspicious sand loot table found at warm ocean ruins.
  • The sniffer egg is dropped when two sniffers breed.
  • The sniffer egg hatches into a snifflet.
    • When placed above a moss block, it will hatch after approximately 10 minutes.
    • On all other blocks, it will hatch in approximately 20 minutes.
Suspicious Gravel
  • The suspicious gravel looks rougher than the gravel block.
  • Affected by gravity and vanishes when landing.
  • Drops nothing when mined or moved, even if mining with Silk Touch.
  • Generates naturally in cold ocean ruins.
  • Brushing the suspicious gravel with a brush will extract objects.
    • Has four stages of extracting and will recover gradually when stop brushing.
    • Turns to regular gravel when the extraction is done.
    • Only suspicious gravels with a valid archaeological loot table (the ones naturally generated) can extract an item.


Pitcher Pod
  • Can be planted on farmland and grows into a pitcher plant.
  • Can only be obtained if a sniffer digs up a pitcher pod.
  • Drops pitcher plant when fully grown, otherwise drops itself.
Pottery Shards
  • Added 16 pottery shards, they can be found in following archaeology sites:
Smithing Templates
  • Five more armor trim smithing templates have been added.
    • Trail Ruins: they can be obtained randomly from suspicious sand or suspicious gravel generated in these structures accordingly (1.786% chance each), and are duplicated using a terracotta block.
      • Host Armor Trim
      • Raiser Armor Trim
      • Shaper Armor Trim
      • Wayfinder Armor Trim
    • Ancient City: they can be obtained randomly from chests generated in these structures accordingly, and are duplicated using a cobbled deepslate block.
      • Silence Armor Trim
        • This is the hardest one to get, with only an 1.25% chance per chest.[2]

World generation

Trail Ruins


  • Added combination_step_sound_blocks block tag.
    • Contains #wool_carpets, crimson_roots, moss_carpet, nether_sprouts, snow, and warped_roots.
    • Controls which blocks can produce a combination of step sounds.
  • Added has_structure/trail_ruins biome tag.
    • Contains taiga, snowy_taiga, old_growth_pine_taiga, old_growth_spruce_taiga, old_growth_birch_forest, and jungle.
  • Added sniffer_egg_hatch_boost block tag.
    • Contains moss_block.
  • Added trail_ruins_replaceable block tag.
    • Contains sand, gravel, dirt, and coarse_dirt.



Block of Amethyst
  • Added a new behavior called vibration resonance when it is placed adjacent to sculk sensors.
    • If that sculk sensor receives a vibration, the block of amethyst will re-emit its frequency as a separate vibration at its location.
Decorated Pot
  • Added a new property named cracked.
    • Is used to determine the sounds the block will use upon breaking.
Sculk Sensor
  • Vibration frequencies of many actions in the game have been tweaked and greatly simplified to prevent unwanted interference, as following:
Action Frequency Value
Movement in any medium (land, water and air) 1
Landing on any surface (land or water) 2
Item interactions 3
Gliding with an elytra or unique mob actions (Ravager roar, Wolf shaking, etc) 4
Dismounting a mob or equipping gear 5
Mounting a mob or interacting with a mob 6
Mobs and players getting damaged 7
Consuming items (drinking and eating) 8
Blocks 'deactivating' (door close, chest close, button unpress, etc) 9
Blocks 'activating' (door open, chest open, button press, etc) 10
Blocks changing (cauldron water level rising, adding food to campfire, etc) 11
Blocks being destroyed 12
Blocks being placed 13
Mobs and players teleporting or spawning 14
Mobs and players dying or an explosion 15
  • Sign text can now be edited by interacting with it after being placed in the world.
  • Both sides of the sign can now have separate text and colors.
    • By default, a sign will prompt the player to input the front side's text when placed.
    • To apply text to the back-side, the player must walk to the other side and interact with that face to edit it.
  • Signs can now also be waxed with honeycomb, preventing any further edits to its text.
    • Click commands on signs can only be invoked when the sign is waxed.
    • If a sign with a click command is not waxed, interacting with it will not invoke the command and instead open up the edit screen as usual.
Suspicious Sand


  • Wither effect particle colors have been adjusted to make them more distinguishable.
  • Potion of Slow Falling has had its color tweaked to make it more distinguishable from the Potion of Invisibility.
Smithing Templates
  • The dune armor trim now has a new pattern and smithing template icon.
  • The sentry armor trim now uses dune armor trim's old pattern and has a new icon to fit this pattern.
    • The sentry armor trim's old pattern is now used by the new shaper armor trim.

World generation

Ocean Ruins

Non-mob entities

  • Previous values are now always discarded if interpolation_duration is 0.
  • Made sure that render properties are applied at the same time (so block_state is applied at the same time as transformation, i.e. at next tick after receiving update).
  • Entities are not rendered unless initial data is received. That means display entities might not show on the first tick.
    • Due to how game handles updates, changes to entities made after summoning might be delivered to clients with later tick.


Data packs
  • The data pack version is now 13, accounting for sign data format changes.
Feature Flags
  • Removed update_1_20 feature flag and built-in datapack.
    • All features and changes from the "Update 1.20" experimental pack are now part of the game.
Game Events
  • piston_contract game event has been removed in favor of block_deactivate.
  • piston_extend and dispense_fail game events have been removed in favor of block_activate.
  • Many game events have new vibration frequencies:
Game event Frequency Value
step, swim, and flap 1
projectile_land, hit_ground, and splash 2
item_interact_finish, projectile_shoot, and instrument_play 3
entity_roar, entity_shake, and elytra_glide 4
entity_dismount, and equip 5
entity_mount, entity_interact, and shear 6
entity_damage 7
drink, and eat 8
container_close, block_close, block_deactivate, and block_detach 9
container_open, block_open, block_activate, block_attach, prime_fuse, and note_block_play 10
block_change 11
block_destroy, and fluid_pickup 12
block_place, and fluid_place 13
entity_place, lightning_strike, and teleport 14
entity_die, and explode 15
  • Step sounds can now combine for blocks walked through and stepped on.
    • Occurs for carpets, snow, nether sprouts as well as warped and crimson roots.
      • The top-most block the player is walking on is played as normal.
      • The block underneath is played at a lower volume and pitch.
Structure Post-processors
  • A capped post-processor has been added which can limit how many blocks a delegated post-processor randomly transform in a structure.
    • This can be used to configure a structure piece to have an exact amount of specific blocks, instead of using random distribution.
    • It has following required parameters:
      • delegate - A post-processor which performs the actual block transformation.
      • limit - Maximum amount of blocks that the delegated post-processor can transform.
        • The blocks inside a structure are all randomly passed to the delegated post-processor until it has transformed the limited amount.
        • Either constant or random number generator sampled during post-processing.
  • Previously a rule could specify an optional fixed output_nbt which would be added to the processed output block entity; this field has now been changed to reference a block_entity_modifier.
    • Existing block_entity_modifiers are:
      • passthrough: Retains existing fields on the block entity.
        • This is the default if no block_entity_modifier is specified.
      • append_static: Similar to previous output_nbt this provides fixed fields to add to the block entity.
        • A minor change is that this modifier appends configured fields to the processed block instead of replacing existing fields.
      • clear: Removes any existing fields on the block entity.
      • append_loot: Appends a loot table and seed to the block entity through required parameter:
        • loot_table: Referenced loot table to add to block entity as LootTable field.
        • Field LootTableSeed is also added to the block entity using random seeded by block position.


35 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.20
  • MC-157727 – The small cube in honey/slime blocks isn't displayed in inventory.
  • MC-165221 – 3D Modeled Potions are not rendered correctly in the "GUI Display".
  • MC-197241 – Players can change the color of a wolf's collar even if they're not its owner.
  • MC-201647 – Entity riding an entity can cause location/coordinate desync.
  • MC-213936 – "Minecart moving" event does not trigger the right vibration frequency.
  • MC-256488 – Bamboo Raft and Raft with Chest models float above ground.
  • MC-256551 – Baby camels have a visible inventory.
  • MC-256585 – Z-fighting occurs on the text of hanging signs.
  • MC-259201 – The tops and bottoms of donkeys' ears are miscolored.
  • MC-259879 – Display entities with a rather large shadow_radius value can cause performance issues.
  • MC-260020 – Reloading the world resets the Brown Mooshroom's given flower.
  • MC-260043 – Decorated Pots don't play breaking sound in creative mode.
  • MC-260047 – Decorated pots from the creative inventory and new blank decorated pots with no NBT will match their texture to the last decorated pot you crafted.
  • MC-260053 – When rotating a decorated pot with the debug stick, it will spawn a decorated pot item.
  • MC-260061 – Sniffer's ears and head z-fight.
  • MC-260069 – Growing cherry trees inside each other causes their leaves to decay.
  • MC-260197 – Item drop from Decorated Pot has no pickup delay.
  • MC-260251 – The walking animations of sniffers don't change in relation to their movement speed.
  • MC-260282 – Sniffers can sniff out and follow players in spectator mode.
  • MC-260296 – Pink petal block models are not optimized.
  • MC-260301 – Decorated Pots drop from setblock/fill air replace.
  • MC-260315 – Parity Issue: Pottery Shards have different textures compared to Bedrock.
  • MC-260317 – Sniffers try to sniff out obstructed blocks they can't reach.
  • MC-260326 – Dying sniffers continue to dig.
  • MC-260409 – Cherry Grove biome is not in the #is_overworld biome tag.
  • MC-260503 – Sniffers refuse to dig into soil with a non-solid block on top.
  • MC-260632 – Riding an entity that is far away causes client/server desync.
  • MC-260678 – Potion of Invisibility looks too similar to the Potion of Slow Falling.
  • MC-260750 – Magma blocks use unnecessary random ticking for an outdated feature, causing performance issues.
  • MC-260757 – Updating a large amount of Iron Bars causes the game to hang in-game or during the Saving world screen.
  • MC-260777 – Sniffers ignore some dangerous blocks while sniffing and pathfinding resulting in them being damaged.
  • MC-260799 – The word "Sand" is not capitalized in the brush subtitle.
  • MC-260839 – Mobs can replace weapons held in their main hand with armor.
  • MC-260885 – Display entities summoned with initial transformation interpolate incorrectly from default transformation during next transformation.
  • MC-260897 – Display entity's previous state of interpolation doesn't work as expected.


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