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Leaves carried

This page describes content that exists only in outdated versions of Bedrock Edition. 
This feature used to be in the game but has since been removed.

leaves_carried[1] was a block which was used for storing the item model for leaves.


leaves_carried is only known to be obtainable through the use of inventory editors and other external tools.


The speed at which leaves_carried breaks is not currently known.[needs testing] They drop themselves when broken with Shears.[needs testing]

Block leaves_carried
Hardness ?
Breaking time (secs)
Default ?



In its base state, leaves_carried highly resembles actual leaves. There are, however, differences: the main difference is that it appears darker than normal leaves, which is due to them using a tint, despite the texture they use already being colored, rather than the grayscale which tinted blocks usually use. Specifically, this tint is the color

However, higher metadata versions of leaves_carried behave unexpectedly. Perhaps most interesting is metadata 1, which corresponds to spruce leaves, which uses a crafting table's side textures rather than anything relevant to leaves. This could be explainable through examination of terrain.png, however, this is yet to be done.[more information needed]

Metadata 1 (corresponding to spruce leaves) is tinted with
, and metadata 2 (corresponding to birch leaves) is tinted with
. The behaviour of metadata 3, which corresponds to what would eventually become jungle leaves in the same version that removes leaves_carried, is currently unknown.[more information needed]

Functional differences from leaves

Despite very closely resembling leaves visually, leaves_carried do not decay.

Other differences, such as whether they drop saplings when broken without shears, or indeed drop anything at all, are unknown.[more information needed]

Data values

This section is missing information about Metadata variants in table format.. 
Please expand the section to include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page.


NameNumeric ID Form
Leaves254Block & Item


Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.2.1Added leaves_carried. All tinted with
Leaves carried BE1.png Leaves carried BE1.png leaves_carried with metadata 0 use the block placeholder texture. There are no visual differences if the player changes between Fast and Fancy graphics, however different placeholder texture regions are used.
Leaves carried Damage 1 (fast) BE1.png Leaves carried Damage 1 BE1.png leaves_carried with metadata 1 use the side textures of the crafting table, with which side texture is used differing depending on Fast and Fancy graphics settings.
How metadata 2 and 3 look is currently unknown.[more information needed]
v0.2.1 alpha2Leaves carried (fast) BE2.png Leaves carried BE2.png Changed placeholder textures used by leaves_carried with metadata 0 to unique fast and fancy textures.
v0.3.2Leaves carried (fast) BE3.png Leaves carried BE3.png leaves_carried with metadata 0 are now instead tinted with
Leaves carried Damage 1 (fast) BE2.png Leaves carried Damage 1 BE2.png leaves_carried with metadata 1 are now instead tinted with
Leaves carried Damage 2 (fast) BE1.png Leaves carried Damage 2 BE1.png leaves_carried with metadata 2 are now instead tinted with
If metadata 3 leaves_carried exist, they may have been changed in this version as well.[more information needed]
v0.8.0build 2Removed leaves_carried due to major refactoring in block and item rendering, texture storage and more in this version.
Bedrock Edition
1.4.0beta hardened glass, which uses the numeric ID that leaves_carried once did (254). It is not known if worlds with leaves_carried which are upgraded to this version will have it convert to hardened glass.


leaves_carried is a removed block and as such issues relating to it cannot be fixed.