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Pocket Edition v0.16.0 alpha

For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of the Boss Update, see Bedrock Edition guides/Boss Update.

v0.16.0, the first release of the Boss Update,[1] was a major update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition that was released on October 21 and 25, 2016. It added many new features, such as commands, beacons, ocean monuments and guardians, as well as the Wither and elder guardian.

The update was intended to be released on all platforms on October 12, 2016, when discussed at MINECON 2016. However, near the intended release time, a critical bug was discovered, forcing the release to be delayed by a few days. The iOS release did not come out until 4 days after the other platforms' release date due to a long certification process.

Also, the update was the last in the Alpha development phase of the game – the next update, 1.0.0, would mark the "full release" of Pocket Edition.





  • Elder guardian
    • Version exclusive: Is considered a boss mob.[1]
  • Guardian
  • Wither
    • Version exclusive: When its health reaches 50%, it spawns 3-4 Wither Skeletons (Normal and Hard difficulty only)
    • Version exclusive: New animation and sounds when created and killed.
    • Version exclusive: New 'Charge' attack when its health is below 50%.

World generation


  • Added user-created resource packs that can be installed by world. Similar to the ones in Java Edition
  • Version exclusive: Added user-created behavior packs. These allow the player to change files coded in JSON to change how the game works. Similar to mods, but have an official API
  • Does not work on Windows Mobile in this version


  • Options
    • Ability to customize keyboard controls.
    • New settings bar (Android and iOS)
    • Added search tab to creative inventory (Win 10 only).
    • Added mouse UI sensitivity slider in VR options (Win 10 Rift only).
    • New UI for options menu.
    • New UI for creating and editing servers menu.
    • New UI for world option menu.
    • More options.
      • Version exclusive: Toggle Crouch.
    • Added warning before exiting the game.
    • You can import an Add-on, Resource Pack, or World by double-clicking it on Mobile Devices (Currently not working on Android).
  • Realms
    • Realms admin users can add moderators in their Realm.




  • Sponge
    • Readded to survival mode.
    • Now can absorb water.
    • Now uses Java Edition 1.8 texture.
  • Bed
    • Now have a sound when placed.
  • Furnace
    • Better description (Input, Fuel, Result) for devices that do not use a controller.
  • Monster eggs
  • Chest
    • Custom name no longer appears in GUI.


  • Bucket
    • New sound when using.
  • Maps
    • Version exclusive: Now have different colors for different biomes.
  • Grass path
    • Added sounds when making.
  • Camera
  • Cocoa beans
    • No longer has a crafting recipe.
  • Steak
    • Version exclusive: Renamed to cooked beef.
  • Minecarts
    • The player cannot destroy a minecart they are riding on.


  • Husk
    • Add new sounds.
  • Stray
    • Add new sounds.
  • Squid
    • Version exclusive: Added new sounds.
  • Wither skeletons
    • Version exclusive: Now spawn when the wither's health is 50% (Normal and Hard difficulty only).
  • Iron golems
    • Version exclusive: Will now damage player in peaceful difficulty.
  • Wolf
    • Version exclusive: Will now damage player in peaceful difficulty.
  • Villager
    • Non-functional "open" button when sneaking.


  • Performance improvements.
  • Skin picker no longer shows the silhouette of the skins behind it when choosing a custom skin.
  • Tweaked mouse sensitivity for vertical vs. horizontal motion in UI in Rift (Win 10 Rift only).
  • Increased maximum view distance for capable GPUs (Win10 and EDU only).
  • Tweaked the clock texture, so it has all the correct pixels.
  • No Generating World Screen when entering Nether Portal


From released versions before v0.16.0

  • MCPE-5272 – Empty buckets can't collect water when underwater (Creative only)
  • MCPE-7848 – Grass does not grow on dirt under fences or cobblestone walls
  • MCPE-8212 – Arrows bounce off tamed dogs but not tamed cats
  • MCPE-8424 – When breaking a block in front of me, it breaks the one I'm on.
  • MCPE-9096 – Cannot place beds on top half slabs anymore
  • MCPE-9669 – Creative inventory Mundane potion duplicate bug
  • MCPE-9846 – Mobs wearing armor drop that armor 100% of the time
  • MCPE-10353 – Some keyboard keys are dead
  • MCPE-11013 – Autojump allows you to jump over fences and cobblestone walls
  • MCPE-11214 – Player can go through solid block walls and fences using a boat
  • MCPE-11241 – Moving fuel into the furnace draws units from the first stack touched instead of from the one you tap
  • MCPE-11583 – Milking a cow or mooshroom with a single bucket or bowl immediately consumes the milk, or stew, if the player is hungry
  • MCPE-11796 – Nether Wart only drops one Wart when broken
  • MCPE-12279 – Lever, buttons, redstone, etc. can not be placed on monster spawner
  • MCPE-12467 – Nether mobs can die in any bodies of lava
  • MCPE-12922 – Water is invisible when you reload the world
  • MCPE-13304 – Double Flower Duplication Bug
  • MCPE-13421 – Wolves can be fed with raw and cooked fish
  • MCPE-13640 – Maps blink red when player take damages
  • MCPE-13802 – Clocks in item frames have extra pixels
  • MCPE-13891 – Hoppers suck item entities only one at a time
  • MCPE-13966 – Mobs do not drop spawned equipment
  • MCPE-14142 – Strange font behavior (width, size...)
  • MCPE-14250 – Beds don't make sounds when placing them
  • MCPE-14487 – All mobs take knockback damage from splash potion of harming II
  • MCPE-14514 – Creepers are mute when attacked
  • MCPE-14521 – Undead/Passive mobs still alive when get hit by tipped arrows of healing/harming
  • MCPE-14525 – Horses show open button before fully tamed
  • MCPE-14526 – Horse is unrideable while tied to a fence, and ride button is shown
  • MCPE-14529 – Boats placed halfway inside a wall shake violently
  • MCPE-14691 – Skins not showing up in skins area
  • MCPE-14761 – Doors act as tools
  • MCPE-14776 – Holding Flint and Steel when focusing on a Creeper doesn't show ignite button
  • MCPE-14801 – Furnace texture bug
  • MCPE-14971 – Skeleton Horses & Zombie Horses Bug
  • MCPE-15034 – Villagers get stuck facing 90°
  • MCPE-15052 – Breaking ice creates water source block in the Nether
  • MCPE-15086 – Baby horses don't show feed button
  • MCPE-15268 – Blocks are blinking on piston
  • MCPE-15586 – The void below bedrock is a bottomless pit
  • MCPE-15696 – Lead turn red when the leashed mob getting hit
  • MCPE-15981 – Armor take damage when we break blocks with them
  • MCPE-15983 – Using A Bed Whilst Riding A Horse / Boat etc. Does Not Dismount Player
  • MCPE-16009 – Trying to tame horse while holding saddle bug.
  • MCPE-16160 – Mobs don't burn in sunlight while on soul sand.
  • MCPE-16283 – Redstone torch burn/turn off when placed on the side of a piston
  • MCPE-16292 – Wither Skeletons and Blazes Do Not Spawn Again in Nether Fortresses
  • MCPE-16417 – Inception achievement not unlocking
  • MCPE-16529 – Chest UI is not accessible when mounted on a pig, boat or minecart.
  • MCPE-16743 – Items on the ground are facing the opposite direction
  • MCPE-16863 – Minecarts and their variants always despawn when they are in motion, and the game crashes


Video made by slicedlime:


  • This is the third Pocket Edition update to receive an official name by Mojang.
  • There is a developer version of 0.16.0 released on MINECON 2016.