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In the 1940s, bunkers were built in the London Underground, including Covent Garden. Professor Edward Travers sold the Robot Yeti captured in Tibet to Julius Silverstein. (TV: The Web of Fear) Work commenced on ULTIMA. (TV: The Curse of Fenric) German scientists worked on the Gruber-Schneider device, hoping to perfect it by 1944. (PROSE: Just War)

Amelia Ducat manned an "ack ack" station at Folkestone. (TV: The Seeds of Doom) Albert Einstein was kidnapped by the First Rani. (TV: Time and the Rani) George Ratcliffe was imprisoned for sympathasising with the Nazis, arguing that Britain was fighting on the wrong side in World War II. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks)

Freeth, a member of the Parakon Corporation began visiting Earth, sparking the first reports of flying saucers. (AUDIO: The Paradise of Death) Melanie Bush's grandfather was killed fighting the German army. (PROSE: Just War)

Commander Millington and Dr Judson were both assigned to the base at Maiden's Point at some point in the war. Judson developed the ULTIMA machine, a sophisticated military decipher device, while Millington beame involved in stockpiling a local poisonous gas/liquid secreted underground in the area under orders from the British high command. The two, friends for thirty years, became increasingly bitter and, in their own ways, unstable. Both became obsessed with local Viking myths and Millington constructed a room that was an exact copy of the German decipher headquarters in Berlin. (TV: The Curse of Fenric)