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4 August

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4 August




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On 4 August 2009, after surviving the explosion of a Rutan ship, (AUDIO: Castle of Fear) the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa awoke to find that they apparently had lives, spanning decades, in a small town called Stockbridge. They soon discovered that the village was surrounded by a stasis field, the inhabitants inside it reliving their past experiences on a regular basis and never dying. With the help of Lizzie Corrigan and Maxwell Edison, the walls were destroyed and the timeline was negated.

In the regular timeline, Maxwell was happy to find that everything had turned back to normal, although this unfortunately also undid the relationship with Lizzie he'd been developing. (AUDIO: The Eternal Summer)

In one version of history, 4 August was the day when Richard Haliwell's expedition to the Moon achieved the altitude of 100 miles, surpassing the 1875 record of the hydrogen balloon Zenith. (PROSE: Imperial Moon)

In the later part of the 26th century, Benny Summerfield wrote in her diary that she had told a man named Ian that he loved her, and she had rejected him. She then got drunk on wine and gave a Sythian beggar most of her cash. (PROSE: Love and War)