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Manchester was a city in the north of England. It was located north-east of Liverpool and south-west of Leeds. (TV: The Lie of the Land)

The Trafford Centre was located in the North of Manchester, and Levenshulme was located in the South. (PROSE: The Wickerwork Man)


In August 1819, the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, and Tegan Jovanka visited Manchester. They were present for the Peterloo Massacre on 16 August of that year. The Doctor described the events as "the darkest day" in Manchester's history. (AUDIO: The Peterloo Massacre)

In 1965, the Sixth Doctor was there with Melanie Bush for a brief, second encounter with the Wishing Beast. (AUDIO: The Vanity Box)

In 1993, the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan returned to Manchester. (PROSE: Goth Opera)

In 2004, Iris Wildthyme and Panda visited Manchester. (PROSE: The Shape of Things)

During the 2000s, Manchester was one of the main cities affected by the terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of over 1,000 people within the UK. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

Also during the 2000s, an ancient tree god known as Goomba got trapped within wicker garden furniture, taking the Doctor and Peter to defeat it. (PROSE: The Wickerwork Man)

Rose Tyler asked if the Ninth Doctor was from Manchester when he said "I'm a long way from home". (PROSE: Rose)

Gwen Cooper caught the train to Manchester Piccadilly in October 2007. (PROSE: Border Princes)

In 2008, there was a Combat 3000 game store in Manchester; at least one child, Jack, went missing after playing the game. (TV: Warriors of Kudlak)

Manchester in 2008 (AUDIO: The Condemned)

Also in 2008, the Sixth Doctor twice visited the borough with Charley Pollard, on both occasions meeting D.I. Menzies. (AUDIO: The Condemned, The Raincloud Man)

By 2017, Paul Magrs and Jeremy lived together in Manchester. (PROSE: The Magrs Conundrum!)

By 2021, ELF Storage was located in Manchester. (TV: Eve of the Daleks)

There was a suite called the Manchester Suite aboard Platform One. (TV: The End of the World)

Other references

Amy Pond once suggested that the Eleventh Doctor take her to King's Street in Manchester to go shopping. (COMIC: A Fairytale Life)

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