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Parapsychology Unit

The Parapsychology Unit, also known as the Earth School of Parapsychology or School of Parapsychology, was a school located in the City in the late 21st century. The students there were trained in logic to the detriment of emotions, to the point where some never fully developed them. Gemma Corwyn referred to their techniques as "brainwashing". Zoe Heriot studied at the Parapsychology Unit, majoring in pure mathematics. (TV: The Wheel in Space)

Zoe later met another student of the Parapsychology Unit, Findel. He told her that some of the students had formed a society, called the Brotherhood of Logicians, which opposed the war with the Cybermen on the grounds that humanity should become more like them. When the authorities learned what was going on, they shut down the Parapsychology Unit and forced all the students to take intelligence suppressants. (AUDIO: Last of the Cyberman)

Behind the scenes

  • The school is only referred to once, on-screen, as the "Parapsychology Unit", in Episode Four. It was first given the name "Earth School of Parapsychology" in The Universal Databank, which also first suggests the link between the school and the Brotherhood of Logicians. It is given this name in the stories Vortex of Fear, The Menagerie, The Final Sanction and The Tip of the Mind.
  • The term "parapsychology" used in this context does not refer to the actual meaning of the word, which is the study of psychic phenomena.