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Burnt Pan

The Burnt Pan is a weapon item found in Hotland. Its defensive counterpart is the Stained Apron.

When attacking with this item, 4 bars appear instead of one. Hitting a bar exactly in the center causes it to flash gold while missing a bar causes it to flash red. Its attacking animation is a large star flash, then a circle of eight stars that go outwards from the middle of the screen. Hitting at least 2 bars in the center with the other two close by causes the attack animation to appear golden, greatly increasing damage. Hitting all 4 bars in the center doubles the damage that would have been dealt had one of the bars barely missed. This gives the Burnt Pan (as well as the Empty Gun) an incredibly high damage potential for skilled players.

It can be found in early Hotland, in the first area of steam vents. After the first two vents, a vent pointing to the right lands on a larger area of land. Down from there, a room can be found with a steam vent in the middle, and two other pads on either side. When timed right, the protagonist can go onto the middle steam vent, get launched to the left, and then find the Burnt Pan. This location is inaccessible when the Lab's doors are locked after defeating Mettaton EX.