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Cut Items

This page is dedicated to items that were cut from Undertale.

List of cut items

ID Name Short name Serious name Effects Sell Negotiate Flavor text Use text
2 Croquet Roll CroqtRoll CroqtRoll Heals 15 HP 10G 11G, 15G Fried dough traditionally served with a mallet. You hit the Croquet Roll into your mouth.
5 Rock Candy RockCandy RockCandy Heals 1 HP 3G 4G, 6G Here is a recipe to make this at home:
1. Find a rock
You ate the Rock Candy
6 Pumpkin Rings PunkRings PmknRings Heals 8 HP 3G 4G, 6G A small pumpkin cooked like onion rings. You ate the Pumpkin Rings.
8 Stoic Onion StocOnoin Onion Heals 5 HP 10G 11G, 15G Even eating it raw, the tears just won't come. You ate the Stoic Onion. You didn't cry...
9 Ghost Fruit GhostFrut GhstFruit Heals 16 HP 10G 11G, 15G If eaten, it will never pass to the other side. You ate the Ghost Fruit.
18 Puppydough Icecream PDIceCram Ice Cream Heals 28 HP 2G 3G, 5G Made by young pups. Mmm! Tastes like puppies.



  • Rock Candy can be found in an inaccessible room. When interacting with the bowl, the prompt "Take them all" appears; however, due to the Rock Candy's immense weight, only one can be taken from the bowl.
  • Puppydough Icecream's name is too long for it to be displayed properly while using boxes.
  • When eaten, the Ghost Fruit makes the unused "snd_spooky" sound, which was also used in the Undertale Kickstarter video.