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Heart Locket

For its Genocide Route counterpart, see The Locket.

The Heart Locket is an armor item found in Asgore's Home. It is referred to as "The Locket" during the Genocide Route. Its offensive counterpart is the Worn Dagger. It is the Neutral Route armor item associated with the first human.


  • The message "Best Friends Forever" is implied to be of the first human and Asriel.
  • Considering the large statistical gap between this locket's counterpart, the protagonist likely does not know its real value and sees it as a generic locket. The First Human, however, knows its true value and feels reunited with their Locket.
  • Asriel, in his God of Hyperdeath form, also wears a heart-shaped locket (the filename of the sprite used for that part of Asriel is called spr_asriellocket.)
  • Its shortened name outside of Serious Mode has an arrow that points to the protagonist's SOUL in the item selection menu to reference the "Heart" part of its name.