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Monster Candy

For the cut item, see Rock Candy.

Monster Candy is a consumable item found in the Ruins, specifically in the room north of the 2nd SAVE Point. It is acquired from the pedestal holding a bowl of candy.

Flavor Text

  • You took a piece of candy. [Take 1]
  • You took more candy. How disgusting.. [Take 2]
  • You took another piece. You feel like the scum of the earth... [Take 3]
  • In this hellish world, you can only take 3 pieces of candy... [Take 3 in Hard Mode]
  • You took too much too fast. The candy spills onto the floor. [Take 4]
  • Look at what you've done. [Attempt to take more than 4 (3 in Hard Mode)]
  • You tried to take a piece of candy, but you didn't have any room. [Attempt to take while inventory is full]