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Nice Cream

For the cut item, see Puppydough Icecream.

It's the frozen treat that warms your heart!

Nice Cream Guy

Nice Cream is a consumable item sold by the Nice Cream Guy in several locations. The wrapper says something nice when eaten.

Flavor Text

  • You're super spiffy! [Use]
  • Are those claws natural? [Use]
  • Love yourself! I love you! [Use]
  • You look nice today! [Use]
  • (An illustration of a hug) [Use]
  • Have a wonderful day! [Use]
  • Is this as sweet as you? [Use]
  • You're just great! [Use]


  • Carrying an umbrella lowers the cost of Nice Cream to 15G when the Nice Cream Guy is in Waterfall.
  • According to the plaque in Waterfall, there are 21 different Nice Cream flavors.
  • Nice Cream is possibly a reference to the first page of the webcomic And It Don't Stop.
  • "Nice Cream" is possibly a pun on "an Ice Cream", which sounds like "a Nice Cream".
  • If the kill counter for Snowdin Forest is exhausted on the Neutral Route, Nice Cream becomes unavailable to be bought in all regions. On the Genocide Route, it is unavailable by default.