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Popato Chisps

Popato Chisps (typically /pəˈpeɪtoʊ ˌtʃɪsps/) are a consumable item that the protagonist can buy from the True Lab's vending machine. The machine can dispense up to eight packets of Chisps.


  • Alphys's monologue after reactivating the power generator changes based on whether the protagonist has bought at least one packet of Popato Chisps. If the protagonist has bought any, she comments that the amalgamates most likely smelled the chisps on them, even if they are no longer in the protagonist's inventory.
  • Alphys refers to this item as "Potato Chips" when the protagonist reactivates the power generator in the True Lab.
  • The name of this item may be misspelled to depict words melting together, similar to how monsters melted together to form the Amalgamates.
    • "Chisps" may be an amalgamation of the American and British English words for "potato chips": "chips" and "crisps", respectively.