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Real Knife

For its Neutral and True Pacifist Route counterpart and the item found at the beginning of the game, see Worn Dagger or Toy Knife.

The Real Knife is a weapon item found in Asgore's Home. Plot-wise, it is the Worn Dagger as seen through the lens of a Genocide Route. Its defensive counterpart is The Locket. It is the Genocide Route weapon item associated with the first human, and is implied to belong to them.

Its existence is foreshadowed in the Ruins near the beginning of the Genocide Route, with the first instance of the route's red text.[1] Name-wise, it contrasts with the Toy Knife found in the Ruins.


  • If the Real Knife is hacked into the inventory on a non-Genocide Route and is equipped, most monsters can be spared on the first turn (even most non-spareable monsters).
  • Like The Locket, Real Knife has little use because it is only obtained just prior to fighting Sans, whose constant dodging and weak but rapid hits render both items useless.
  • The Real Knife could possibly be a reference to Mother 3's Real Bat, since both weapons are found before the final battle and wielded by someone before the protagonist.
  • Prior to the full release of Undertale, Toby Fox had denied the existence of the Real Knife.[2]


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