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Snowman Piece

well... just calling to say.
you made a snowman really happy.

Sans's phone call at the end of the Neutral Route if the protagonist had a Snowman Piece in their inventory

Neutral Route screenshot Snowman Piece.png

Snowman Piece is a consumable item. It is given to the protagonist by the Snowman in Snowdin Forest, who asks them to take it very far away.

Additional Uses

If the Snowman Piece is in the protagonist's inventory at the end of the Neutral Route, Sans says that "you made a snowman really happy."

In the epilogue of the True Pacifist Route, if the protagonist returns to the Snowman, they insist that they take it with them to the Surface.


  • If the Snowman Piece is consumed or disposed of, the Snowman gives the protagonist a second one. They do not give a third one, however, stating there would be nothing of them left if they did.
    • In the Genocide Route, the protagonist can forcefully take three Snowman Pieces, effectively destroying the Snowman.
    • Eating the Snowman Piece in front of the Snowman leaves them so horrified that they do not give a new one.