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Toriel's Home

Toriel's Home is a location in the Ruins, and, as the name states, the home of Toriel.


Main Story

Neutral Route

When talking to Toriel, the protagonist may ask her when they can go home. Asking this allows the protagonist to ask how to leave the Ruins. After asking enough times, Toriel leaves and goes down into the basement. If the protagonist follows her, she explains that she is going to destroy the exit to the rest of the Underground, to prevent anyone else from ever leaving. She then explains that if the protagonist leaves the Ruins, Asgore will kill them, as he had with the previous six humans who fell. If the protagonist continues, Toriel eventually leads them to a large door at the end of the basement. Toriel then fights the protagonist, to make them prove to her that they are strong enough to survive outside of the Ruins.


Toriel lives in a small house adjacent to the Ruins with a warm, familiar feeling. She confesses to the protagonist that she had no time to clean up before taking them there, but the cottage is very tidy. Many of the rooms feature large bookshelves, as Toriel herself spends time reading by the fireplace. The hallways and bedroom are adorned with potted plants, and "typha," a particular wetland plant more commonly known as "water sausages." Her house consists of her room, two guest rooms (one of which is currently under renovations), a kitchen, a living room, and the front room with a staircase leading downstairs.

Toriel's Home map.png

Living Room (1)

The east path leads to the living room, where Toriel can be found sitting in a reading chair next to a small fireplace. Nearby is a bookcase, a large dining table, and the entrance to the kitchen. If the bookcase is inspected, there is a history book on monsters retreating into the Ruins. If the protagonist returns to this room after killing Toriel, the fire is put out.

The History Book

Trapped behind the barrier and fearful of further human attacks, we retreated.
Far, far into the earth we walked, until we reached the cavern’s end.
This was our new home, which we named... "Home."
As great as our king is, he is pretty lousy at names.

Kitchen (2)

The room contains an oven, sink, fridge, trash can, and butterscotch-cinnamon pie on the bench. On the Genocide Route, checking the kitchen drawer triggers the unique response "Where are the knives." Checking the oven after killing Toriel prompts the response: "No one will use this anymore..."

Hallway (3)

To the right of the entrance of Toriel's Home, there is a short hallway containing the entry to the Guest rooms and Toriel's Room. At the end of the hall, a door can be found, which states "Room under renovations." when checked, and so, cannot be entered. Next to the door is a mirror, which states the flavor text "It's you!" when examined in the Neutral or True Pacifist routes. In the Genocide Route, the mirror reads "It's me, <Name>" when checked. In the True Pacifist Ending epilogue, when returning to the mirror, it reads "Still just you, Frisk."

Guest Room (4)

Toriel leads the protagonist to the guest room and offers it to them as their own. It is a children's bedroom, and there is evidence suggesting that other children once lived there as well, with shoes of various sizes found inside, although Toriel might have prepared for any type of human child. Turning off the lamp in the top left corner darkens the room and makes the music a "music box variant" of Home.

Sleeping in the bed restores the protagonist's health. The protagonist wakes up with the lights in the room switched off, and if it is the first time they sleep there, Toriel leaves a slice of Butterscotch Pie on the floor nearby. In Hard Mode, the pie is replaced with Snail Pie.

  • Sleeping after Toriel starts to block the Ruins' exit (must talk to her three times in the basement first) results in a dream, where the protagonist hears someone pleading for the Fallen Human to wake up and that they are the future of humans and monsters. This dream appears anytime the protagonist sleeps in the bed afterwards unless they gained the True Pacifist ending. At this point, regardless of whether or not this is the first time the protagonist sleeps here, the pie will not appear.
  • If the protagonist sleeps in the bed after killing Toriel, a song called Empty House plays when they wake.
  • Attempting to sleep in the bed after gaining the True Pacifist Route ending prompts the response: "It felt strange to lie in the bed. It feels entirely too small for you now."

Toriel's Room (5)

Toriel's room is simple, and primarily contains an assortment of plants. It has a table with Toriel's diary, an old bucket full of snails, a rather large bed, a bookcase with potted Golden Flowers on top, and a drawer full of Toriel's socks beside it.

Inspecting Toriel's diary reveals that she has written various pun related jokes. If Toriel's small chair is inspected, it is described as "Chairiel." The flavor text identifies the bed as being "bigger than a twin-sized bed." One of the books in the bookcase is an encyclopedia of subterranean plants, which when read, causes the narration dialogue for the hallway "typha" plants to permanently be described as a "water sausage."

In the True Pacifist Ending epilogue, checking the bed prompts the response "It's actually one size bigger than a double."

Basement (6)

The north path leads to the basement, which is a series of long hallways leading up to a door. If the protagonist attempts to walk downstairs before talking to Toriel in the living room, she repeatedly takes the protagonist back upstairs, making the basement inaccessible until the protagonist asks Toriel how to leave the Ruins.


  • The room marked "Room under renovations." corresponds to Asgore's bedroom in Asgore's Home, similar to how the room in his house marked "Room under renovations" corresponds to Toriel's bedroom in her house.
  • The guest room background sprite is named bg_asrielroom, which indicates that the room previously belonged to Asriel Dreemurr.
  • The Ruins exit can only be opened from the inside. It is stated only a ghost or someone who can burrow can freely traverse in and out of the area.[1][2]


  1. Oh, and don't think about trying to explore the RUINS... The door's been locked for ages. So unless you're a ghost or can burrow under the door, forget about it. - Snowdin Shopkeeper
  2. Didja hear? The RUINS have been opened up, and get this... They were opened from the INSIDE. - Snowdin Shopkeeper, post True Pacifist Route.